Motorcycle Camera Mounts

Arkon GP134 Custom GoPro strap mountMounting a camera or videocam on your motorcycle is easy thanks to all the mounting selections out there.  The choices range from an economy handlebar mount to metal mounts with dampening features to ensure your camera does not shake.  Although this article discusses motorcycle use, much of the content is applicable to a bicycle as well.

Motorcycle mounting options come in many flavors:  Handlebar, clutch, mirror, stem, screw, adhesive and even a suction option.

Attaching your camera is easy.  Practically every camera has a threaded hole at the bottom.  The measurements of the threaded hole is generally the same with all cameras so that they can fit on a tripod.  The exact measurement is 1/4″ – 20 threaded for those keeping score at home.  Most motorcycle camera mounts accept this size without a problem. Screw your camera tightly onto the threaded screw and you’re off!

Before buying your motorcycle camera mount, put some thought as to where you would like it mounted.  Most motorcycle owners like to mount their camera on the handlebar.  Some motorcycles such as a Honda Goldwing do not have a handlebar and will use a mount for the clutch reservoir.  Others such as many BMW models will use the mirror hole.  Wherever it is mounted will require a mount with a stem that will be high enough to give your camera enough clearance to get a clear picture over perhaps a windshield.  Be sure the location is secure and the mount can be properly installed to remain stable.

Lastly, and I cannot stress this enough, remember that motorcycles vibrate a lot.  Most mounts made of plastic will vibrate along with the motorcycle (it’s just physics folks).  Therefore, unless you want to get motion sick while watching your video, get a good premium mount that will include some sort of dampening feature.  We find that mounts which include some rubber components will do a very good job at absorbing the vibrations from a motorcycle.  I have watched some incredible smooth videos shot on a motorcycle going 70 MPH when using dampening mounts and you wouldn’t know the bike was moving.  The video was extraordinarily smooth.

Although we aren’t camera experts, it seems like everyone is buying a GoPro these days.  If you choose to use a GoPro, you will want to use the weatherproof case that is included with the purchase.  It provides additional protection against the elements which include rain, insects and small stones from damaging your expensive camera.  You will note that the weatherproof case does not have the standard tripod screw on the bottom.  If using the weatherproof box, select a mount that includes a custom GoPro adapter.  Most major mount manufacturers have recognized the strategic importance of supporting GoPro and have created mounts with custom GoPro adapters to fit this line of cameras.  Most will include a knob to fasten the weatherproof case, but for those that do not, the knob that’s included in the GoPro box will typically suffice.