How to Mount a Drink to a Microphone Stand or Music Stand

How to Mount a Drink to a Microphone Stand or Music StandFor the ultimate in convenience, mount a drink to a microphone stand.  This surely beats placing your frosty beverage on a stool only to be knocked over by an overly exuberant guitarist.  We present several different methods for consideration by those wanting to mount a drink to a microphone stand.

Technically, we aren’t mounting a drink to a microphone stand.  We are going to mount an accessory capable of holding a drink.  There are a variety of ways to do this.  All have the same basic premise in that the drink holder will mount to the stand using a clamp type of attachment.

Mounting stuff to a microphone stand isn’t all that unusual.  We previously discussed mounting a phone to a microphone stand.  The principles are pretty much the same with a drink.  Most drink mounts will clamp to the round stand for the microphone.  Typically easy to attach since you aren’t likely to keep it there very long.

Before getting started, measure the diameter of the midpoint of the microphone stand.  Most measure from 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter.  It’s best to keep the drink holder as flush to the stand as possible.  This helps to keep the microphone stand from tipping over from the weight of the drink.  This is especially important when using a microphone stand without a heavy weighted base.

There are also a few accessories marketed towards attaching a drink to a microphone stand.  First to consider is the Crescendo Cup Caddy.  This opens to accommodate microphone stands to 1.5 inches diameter.  It sits nice and flush to the microphone stand.  The drink holder part of the mount expands a little more than 2-5/8″.  The drink holder can swivel in any direction in case the stand isn’t level.

A rather unique accessory is the Gator Cases Frameworks Microphone Stand Tray.  These fit microphone stands up to 1.38 inches diameter.  This accessory is like adding a small table to the microphone stand.  The tray has a drink holder, small tray and even a pick tab to holds up to five guitar picks.  The overall surface measures 12 x 7 inches.  This accessory attaches using a rubber knob attached to a clamp.

Turns out that is somewhat similar to a motorcycle handlebar.  There’s several interesting selections for mounting a drink holder to a motorcycle handlebar.  Many of those will work on a microphone stand too.

Remember the remark about how a microphone stand and motorcycle handlebar have similar diameters?  Consider the Kruzer Kaddy.  This motorcycle handlebar drink holder has been around for a long time.  It’s a chrome mount that fits microphone stands up to 1.25 inches diameter and accommodates most drink sizes.  As far as I know, this company only makes one line of products and it’s a motorcycle drink holder.  Well made and weighs a little less than a pound.  These are available in a variety of finishes including chrome, black and a leather finish.  The manufacturer provides a foam insert for the cup holder and most bottles and cups will fit in it as long as there is no handle such as those found on a coffee mug.

So there you have three different options for mounting a drink to a microphone stand.  Each is unique and should hold your beverage.  This is way better than using a stool or placing it one the floor.