Phone Holders and Mounts for a Peloton Bike

This Arkon Mount fits a Peloton bikeSeems like almost everyone has a Peloton these days.  It’s well made however there isn’t anywhere to stow your phone.  We’re going to look at some good phone mounts for a Peloton bike.

We’ve previously looked at phone mounts for a Planet Fitness recumbent bike.  While a Peloton shares some similarities with that type of bike, they aren’t the same.  Not all mounts mentioned in that article will fit a Peloton.

Peloton Phone Mounting Basics

It’s a pretty basic exercise bike until you hit the top of the handlebars.  That’s where the display screen is located.  You want to avoid mounting your phone where it can interfere with the screen.

Most phone mounts will attach to or around the thick padded bars in front of that display screen. Your choices will range from a repurposed mount to one that’s specifically made for a Peloton bike.  Of course, the ones specifically made for a Peloton will cost more than the repurposed recommendation so it’s a matter of taste and how much you want to spend.

Repurposed Mounts

A repurposed mount is one that’s made for a completely different application but just happens to work well on a Peloton.  You need to look for a mount that has a nice wide strap.  These are typically marketed for a handlebar on a bike or motorcycle.

The phone mount shown in the photo that accompanies this article is the Arkon Handlebar Strap Motorcycle Mount for 7″ 8″ Tablet & Large SmartPhones.  This versatile mount features a removable strap that fits handlebars up to two inches in diameter so it will fit the Peloton bike handlebar just fine.  Attached to the strap mount is an expandable cradle that opens to about 7-inches.  This cradle is large enough for practically any phone including one with an Otterbox.  There are supports at the bottom and top to help hold your phone in place and it swivels into landscape or portrait mode.  The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

This is a mount made for a bicycle or motorcycle handlebar.  A safety strap is included to keep the phone from slipping off the mount.  It’s optional.  You don’t have to use it but it’s not a terrible idea for added stability.

This mount can also hold a small to midsize tablet but it’s going to be tricky given the lack of real estate on the handlebar so we only recommend this for a phone on the Peloton.

Custom Phone Mounts for a Peloton Bike

Next up for consideration are mounts that are specifically made for a Peloton bike.  Given the number of Pelton bikes out there, it’s become profitable for companies to custom design mounts specifically made for this bike.

Consider the WF Sports For Peloton Phone Mount.  This is a fairly innovative product.  They made an 8.4 x 4.1 inch tray with a series of bands that attach to the existing round bar and fit just beneath the top bar under the display.  Your attention is going to be on the trainer on the big display and the tray holds your phone in the table-like addition.  Installation is simple and quick.  This comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Which is the Better Holder?

Either of the mounts are solid choices but my personal preference is the Arkon mount.  It holds the phone more securely.  The mount is made for a bike or motorcycle handlebar.  It even comes with a safety strap for added stability.


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