Kuryakyn Phone Mounts for Motorcycles

Kuryakyn is a is a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories based in Wisconsin in the United States.  They make a lot of different accessories including some specially made for less mainstream brands such as Victory and Indian.  They also have a wide array of accessories made for mainstream brands like Harley-Davidson and Honda.

Kuryakyn mounts are higher end with most components having a chrome or black finish and made of metal.  The interesting thing about Kuryakyn’s selection is the wide array of mounting locations they support.  In addition to the traditional handlebar mounts, Kuryakyn also has you covered with mounts that fit the mirror stem, fuel door, clutch, fairing and brake perch.

This article is about how to mount your phone with a Kuryakyn mount so let’s get right to it.  At the heart of this mount is the Kuryakyn Tech-Connect Device Holder.  These cradles are spring loaded and come in two sizes.  The standard holder fits phones measuring 1-5/8” to 3-5/8” wide.  This is large enough to fit an Apple iPhone 6 which is 2.64″ wide or Samsung Galaxy S6 which comes in at 2.79″ with or without a case or skin.  The standard holder is going to be large enough for almost all smartphone applications.  The larger holder fits devices measuring 3-5/8″ to 6″ wide and will fit midsize tablets and GPS devices.  Cushioning is provided to get an extra firm grip on your device and prevent any scratching of your electronics.  Knobs on each side are engaged to ensure a tight hold on your device.

The back of the Tech-Connect holder has the industry standard 4-hole AMPS mounting pattern which we talk about in detail here.  These four holes will line up with mounts that support the AMPS mounting pattern and Kuryakyn has a large selection of these mounting bases.  Be certain to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.  Once mounted, your phone can be swiveled into any orientation.  You will want to have this setup and properly oriented prior to starting your ride.

The most common motorcycle mount is for the handlebars.  The Kuryakyn Chrome X-Large Premium Handlebar Mount will connect to the back of the Tech-Connect holder using included screws and nuts.  Handlebar mounts are typically easy to install and perfect for someone that prefers to do the install themselves.  These fit handlebar diameters up to 1.25 inches.  The mount is made of chrome plated metal.

For a flush mount to your handlebar, consider the Kuryakyn Tech-Connect Device Bar Clamp Kit Mounting System.  These fit handlebars up to 1.25 inches and is finished in black.  This kit includes the handlebar mounting clamps as well as the Tech-Connect holder.  A flush mount means the holder will be close to your handlebar so you need to ensure there is enough real estate to allow the cradle to fit.  If you turn the phone into landscape mode, this is going to take up six inches or more.  While not for everyone, if you have enough empty space on the handlebar, this is a good kit.

For Goldwing and Harley owners, the brake reservoir / clutch mount is a popular location.  The Kuryakyn Tech-Connect Device Mounting System couples the black clutch base and holder together into a single kit.  These fit almost all Harley-Davidson and many Honda models.  Kuryakyn has several models for the clutch, so be sure that you are buying the proper fit.  Installation involves removing the factory bolts and replacing them with longer ones provided with the mount.  Installing this mount has a moderate amount of difficulty assigned to the task so if you do not feel comfortable doing this work yourself, bring it into the mechanic who likely has a lot of experience doing these sort of installations.  This is a nice kit as it includes the cradle and gives you everything needed to mount your phone.

The last location we will cover is the mirror stem.  The Kuryakyn Premium Chrome Mirror Mount fits most Harley-Davidson, Honda and Suzuki models.  Installation of this mounting base requires removal of the mirror and is moderate to easy in installation difficulty.  The mount has the pattern that lines up with the Tech-Connect holder. 

All of these mounts provide the ability to remove the majority of the mount and just leave the base bracket.  A nice feature to prevent theft of any components, and while you wouldn’t think that happens, it does more than you may think so if you park it outside, take the device and mount with you.  Be sure to follow all installation and use instructions provides by the manufacturer to maintain a safe journey and do not attempt to adjust or interface with your phone while riding to stay safe.