Protecting your GPS with Cases and Screen Protectors

Big giant GPS in a carry caseYou spent a lot of money on your GPS.  These devices are easily scratched so don’t just throw it in your gym bag, purse or glove compartment when not in use.  Consider adding a carry case or pouch.  We always wondered why the manufacturers do not include one, going back to when GPS units first came into fashion, the manufacturers would include a pouch in the box.  Well, suppose times are tough now, so the consumer is faced with purchasing a carry case for their GPS.  There are plenty to choose from for your Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, Mio, Nextar or whatever brand you have.  They are even available for Golf GPS units like SkyCaddie (those cost more than fully blown GPS units these days).

First we start with cases.  There are many types, and depending upon the size of your GPS and if you would like to also store the mount and charger, many sizes to choose from.

 There are smaller cases too.  If your GPS is a standard size, there are many smaller cases on the market that will accommodate your GPS and charger, but if you would like to also include your mount, then the larger ones are the only way to go.  There are cases made by the manufacturer too, often in the form of pouches to fit your GPS.  However, we think the ones that are aftermarket are a better value and you can generally fit more stuff in there.  A lot of GPS users like to store a lot more than the GPS such as the mount, charger, other stuff that has nothing to do with a GPS.  Take a look at some of the large camera cases from companies like Case Logic.  Felt lined and zipper enclosures with added space for roughly $20 make these cases a real good option, especially once you start getting into the larger 7 inch GPS range.

The material of the case is not overly important, canvas seems to work best.  We have also seen cases constructed of leather which never made a lot of sense to us as leather is going to add cost to an accessory that doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.  In fact, now that I think of it, I had seen one several years ago in the mall for $100 made of fine leather.  $100?  That’s as much as many spend on the GPS itself!

 Next item up for consideration are screen protectors.  Originally made for PDAs back in the 1990s, some like to add these to GPS units.  They come precut for your GPS.  Easy to apply and remove, they generally do not leave any residue on your GPS.  They do need to be replaced roughly every 3-6 months.  In our opinion, screen protectors are no longer necessary for GPS units.  The units made since 2011 forward use a scratch resistant lens.  You will not only find screen protectors to be unnecessary, but also that the screen sensitivity will be compromised and not as responsive to your touch.  So save yourself some money, and forego this option.