Motorcycle Mounts for GoPro

Arkon GP132The GoPro Hero line of action cameras continues to dominate.  This is a great camera to use on your motorcycle for video of your ride.  Today we take a deeper dive into motorcycle mounts for GoPro.

I’ve said it before, it never ceases to amaze me to see what people attach to their bikes and how they do it.  The most popular mounts found on motorcycles are made by RAM.  They make solid mounts which are designed to withstand the vibrations of a motorcycle.  This is important when using a camera as any shake is magnified 10 times with a camera and you will get seasick watching the video so invest in a high quality mount for your expensive GoPro camera.  Good motorcycle mounts are available from TechMount and Arkon.  This article will discuss what you need to think about before purchasing your motorcycle mount for a GoPro and provide a few recommendations.  Always be sure to tether your device for added safety even when using a mount.

First a word or two about the weatherproof case that comes with the GoPro.  Use it.  Removing the case takes away an important layer of protection against weather, stones and insects.  A good way to ruin your camera quickly is to use it without the case.  That case has a unique attachment on the bottom that uses a threaded thumbscrew to attach to a mount.  Remember how it was attached to a small stand when you purchased the camera?  That’s exactly how it will attach to the mount.

First, figure out where you wish to put it.  I would say that 80% of all motorcycle mounts sold are made for your handlebar.  Most handlebars are 1.25″ diameter, but there are some larger, some are smaller, so measure the diameter of your handlebar.  The diameter is the distance across, not the distance around (that’s the circumference).  When it comes to a good handlebar mount, there are two that we recommend.  The RAM handlebar mount for GoPro includes a custom attachment that fits the weatherproof case that came with the camera.  The mount includes a 3-inch arm with adjustment points at the case and the att he camera attachment.  These mounts are made of metal and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.  The second mount that we recommend for handlebar use is the Arkon handlebar mount with custom GoPro attachment.  This can be adjusted just below the camera attachment.  The mount includes rubber strips to prevent marring your handlebars.  Unlike the RAM mount, there is only a small extension and this mount is better for motorcycle owners looking for a near flush mount to the handlebar.  This mount is made of plastic.

Some motorcycles such as a Honda Goldwing do not have a traditional handlebar.  On some cases, maybe you do not want to mount it on a handlebar.  In these cases, you will use a clutch mount.  These mounts include bolts which will replace the ones that are already in place.  Detailed instructions are provided which will show you how to install it and it really is a fairly simple operation.  The Techmount GoPro Clutch mount is a very capable option for consideration in this spot.

Lastly, the Techmount Fork Stem GoPro Mount is an easy to install option for this space.  The mount comes equipped with six stem shafts with varying diameters to fit virtually all-steering stem holes.  Select the right size for your stem and slide it down into the top of the fork steering stem. The stem adapter includes an O-ring, which progressively gets tighter as you slide it slides it into the stem shaft, keeping your device attached securely to your motorcycle.  The TechMount kit has a 17mm ball at the end which ironically is the same size used by a Garmin Nuvi GPS cradle.  So it’s actually two mounts in one.  Use it for your Garmin Nuvi when not using your camera.  If you would like to add a universal phone cradle to this mount, there are many options.  TheTechMount cradle kit with included safety bungee has a 17mm adapter that will fit over the ball on the stem mount.  The resulting cradle installation sits roughly an inch off the stem.