GlareStomper GPS Sun Visor Product Review

GlareStomper 320 PartsA GPS sun visor is a terrific way to keep sun glare off a GPS.  This is especially useful with lower priced or older GPS units that do not have anti-glare displays.  That’s where GlareStomper made a niche name for themselves.

Most GPS sun visors on the market are constructed of rigid plastic and attaches to the GPS with a series of legs designed to hug the unit.  The problem with the plastic visors is that they will cover a part of the display and because the attaching mechanism is never tight, it can fall off in high vibration environments especially motorcycles.  The plastic visors are not compatible with custom mounts such as those from RAM as they change the shape of the GPS and cannot fit inside the custom cradles.  In fact, they aren’t likely to fit inside a universal cradle either.  Lastly, the plastic visor may interfere with the power button.

The GlareStomper 320 GPS Sun Visor features a unique practical design that works better than almost anything else we have seen.  As seen in the accompanying photo, the visor is constructed of flexible fabric.  Attachment to your GPS is accomplished with a thin hook and loop fastening strip which attaches to the top and sides of the GPS.  If necessary, the visor can be trimmed to accommodate any power buttons.  The attachment is secure as long as the hook and loop fastening strips are properly aligned.  The sun shade is ideal for high vibration environments and have been successfully used on motorcycles where sun glare is often an issue.

When attached to the GPS, the GlareStomper extends to the sides.  This is an important feature of a good sun shade as it blocks the sun glare coming at the side as well as the top of the GPS.

Another advantage of this line of sun visors is the ability to use these with mounts that feature custom cradles.  Depending upon the GPS model, the visor may be able to be used within the cradle as it adds very little additional bulk to the GPS device.  We also know of applications where the user of the GlareStomper attached it to the outside of the custom cradle.

Installation and removal is easy.  To install it, simply place the thin hook and loop fastening strip around the top and sides of your GPS then take the shad and line up the hook and loop fastening strip on the shade to the one you pasted to the GPS.  When you remove your GPS, you can detach the sun shield or simply fold it over the GPS.  The GlareStomper features the ability to fold it shut over the display for compact storage without removing the glare shield.

The only apparent downside of the GlareStomper is the ability to use it for multiple GPS units since there is only a single hook and loop fastening strip within the package.  Although this can be easily overcome by purchasing an additional strip at your local hardware store and then trimming it.

The GlareStomper comes in several sizes.  The two most popular models are the 320 and 322.  The GlareStomper 320 is typically used for GPS units with a 4.3 inch diagonal display screen and can also be used for GPS displays of 5 inches.  The GlareStomper 322 is made for larger GPS units from 5 inches and larger.  GlareStomper also has a smaller model called the 316 for 3.5 inch displays as well as the 324 which is normally used on marine applications such as Fishfinders and Chartplotters.