Techmount Phone Mounts for Motorcycles

We have written about the Techmount motorcycle line in several past articles.  Techmount makes good durable mounts for electronics.  Today, we are concentrating on their products made for mounting a smartphone.

Techmount offers a few different smartphone cradles.  In my opinion, the best for motorcycle use is the Techmount TechGripper which features a spring-loaded cradle that opens to four-inches.  Four inches is large enough for most smartphones with or without a case or skin.  It’s even large enough for some GPS units and can provide a grip that’s more secure than the mounts that come with some GPS models.  When closed, this cradle provides a very strong hold on your device.  The back of this cradle has a socket which snaps onto the 17mm ball that is part of most Techmount mounting kits.  The 17mm ball design is a common mounting pattern used by several manufacturers including Garmin for their Nuvi GPS line.

The TechGripper Handlebar Mount Kit combines a mount with the cradle.  The mount is metal and coated in black.  It fits handlebar diameters from 7/8 to 1.25 inches so it covers the majority of motorcycle models that can accommodate a handlebar mount.  The mount takes up .75 inches of handlebar real estate and the phone sits somewhat close to the handlebar.  Installation of the mount is completed with a small hex wrench which is provided.  This is a nice feature that helps prevent theft of the mount since most thieves aren’t walking around with a set of hex wrenches.  Installation is easy and you should be able to do this yourself.

For those preferring a mount to the clutch, the Techmount TechGripper Harley-Davidson and Metric Control Mount Kit combines the mount and cradle.  The mount attaches to the handlebar control clamps (clutch or brake).  The mounting kit includes a set of bolts and spacers to replace the ones from the factory.  In terms of difficulty, it’s a moderate amount of effort so if you don’t feel comfortable working on your motorcycle, take it to a mechanic and be sure to follow the installation instructions provided by Techmount.

The Techmount Stem Mount Kit with TechGripper pairs the cradle with a series of different attachments to fit the stem hole on your motorcycle.  The universal stem mount system comes equipped with six stem shafts with varying diameters, each being a different diameter to fit virtually all-steering stem holes.  Select the right size for your stem and slide it down into the top of the fork steering stem. The stem adapter includes an O-ring, which progressively gets tighter as you slide it slides it into the stem shaft, keeping your device attached securely to your motorcycle.  The difficulty of this install is moderate so be sure to engage a mechanic if uncomfortable working on your motorcycle yourself.

We always recommend that your smartphone use a good case to prevent any residual damage from small stones popping up off the roadway.  It’s a small investment to protect your expensive phone.  We also recommend that you tether your device whenever possible for added safety.