Choosing the Right GPS Car Mount

Garmin GPS Car MountGPS systems have been around for many years.  While the technology has advanced considerably, the mounts that are provided by the manufacturer have stayed the same.  To this day, when you open your brand new GPS box, you will meet your new GPS car mount which will typically be a small suction cup similar to what you see being used in the photo.  The issue with these mounts is that you can use them in one place which is the windshield.  The second issue is that, well, what if you wanted to mount your GPS somewhere other than the windshield?  This article will help you to choose the right GPS car mount for your car.

Traditional GPS Mount Locations

Suction Cup Mounts:  Since the manufacturers provide a suction cup mount in the box with your GPS, it should be no surprise that the most popular location to mount a GPS is the windshield.  If you need to replace your suction mount, look at some better made suction mounts, specifically one that has a suction cup diameter of at least 3 inches across.  However, before you spend any money on a new suction cup mount, read our tutorial on how to fix a failing suction cup to see if the problem can be addressed without buying a new one.  Also, be sure that your state allows mounts on your windshield.  We have written previously about the states that have an issue with windshield mounts.

Less Traditional GPS Mount Locations

Dash Mount:  The second most popular location for mounting a GPS is the dash.  Dash mounts come in two flavors.  The first type uses your existing suction cup mount.  The base is often weighted and features a non skid bottom similar to one of the mounts we reviewed which you can read here.  There is a second type of dash mount which is simply an adhesive round plate.  Like the weighted mount, these feature a smooth round surface which your suction cup will stick to.

Vent Mount:  I always liked vent mounts.  Typically, the vent is at the perfect location for a driver as your eyes do not have to wander very far from the windshield to see the GPS.  Another advantage is that the vent is always somewhat below the view of a passing bad guy who is looking for windshield mounts.  The drawback about vent mounts is that removal is often tricky and they normally only work on horizontal vents.  If you decide to try a vent mount try to purchase one that uses a mini vice to attach to the vent slats versus the typical mount which uses arms to attach – we especially like the Garmin Vent Mount for this location.

CD Player:  The CD Player is becoming a more popular place to mount a device.   Consider the APPS2Car CD Slot Mount GPS Holder.  This mount has the 17mm ball common to the back of the Garmin cradle.  It’s not hard to install, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure it’s installed properly.  The CD Player is often a good location especially if it is located near eye level at the center of the dash.

Summing It Up

So, as you can see, there are a variety of options that make good GPS car mount alternatives to a suction cup.  Most are made even better than the ones that you got with your GPS and many come with extended or even lifetime warranties.  You may also find that some of these alternative mounts are universal and can also be used when you upgrade your GPS several years from now.

If you haven’t selected your GPS yet, be sure to read our Guide to Buying a Garmin Nuvi GPS.