Mounts for Garmin Dash Cam 45, Dash Cam 55 and Dash Cam 65W

Garmin entered the dash cam market a few years back with the introduction of the NuviCam LMTHD.  Keeping in character with the GPS lineup, Garmin refreshes their line of dash cameras periodically.  Released during the first half of 2017 is the Garmin Dash Cam 45, Dash Cam 55 and Dash Cam 65W.  As expected, all three of these cameras include a mount and charger. Garmin Dash Cam Overview First, a quick overview of the cameras. The Garmin Dash Cam 45 introduces a completely different form factor to this year’s camera models.  We’re talking about a 2.1 megapixel camera with 1080p … Read more

Removing a Car Adhesive Dash Mount

When you first purchased that adhesive dash mount, you thought it was so great that you really didn’t give much thought to taking it off one day.  Perhaps you thought (like I do) that you will worry about that when the day comes, which  you never really thought it would.  Well now you are getting ready to sell your car, and guess what, that day has come.  You try to just pull it off.  The thing is stuck like someone took cement to the bottom. Adhesive Mount Challenges Most adhesive dash mounts use a very special glue disk called Very … Read more

Garmin Bean Bag Mount Product Review

The most popular mount for a Garmin vehicular GPS is the Garmin Portable Friction Mount.  The mount is manufactured by Garmin and is an extraordinarily popular mount.  They officially refer to it as the portable friction mount but I still call it the Garmin bean bag mount.  It has been available since the days of the first Garmin Nuvi which ironically is the model shown in the photo that accompanies this review. The Garmin bean bag mount weighs 1.5 pounds.  The bottom of the mount features a rubber coated base which is designed to stay put in most normal driving … Read more

Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for a Vintage Car

We’re going to talk about where to mount a mobile device within a vintage automobile.  I’m sure the designers of any vintage car never dreamed of what we’re using today, let alone mounting it in a car. Mount Analysis When you think about almost any vintage car, the typical places where we would like to mount a phone, GPS or tablet start to become difficult to find.  Depending upon when the vintage car was manufactured, there may not be an air vent because there wasn’t any such thing as air conditioning.  A cup holder in a vintage car?  Don’t think … Read more

Mounts for the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090

The Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 were recently introduced as part of the company’s product refresh for the RV line.  The mounts required for these GPS models are different from practically all others.  We will discuss that in more detail below. Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 Mounts are Different from Anything Else These aren’t cheap GPS devices.  As part of the premium price paid, you will receive two mounts.  Both are solid mounts. Common to all mounts will be use of the magnetic cradle.  Unlike other Garmin GPS devices, these are powered cradles.  They provide power as well … Read more

Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount

We have taken a look at several bean bag car dash mounts in the past.  The Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount is another popular entry in the bean bag mount arena.  The mount is compatible with most GPS, phone and tablet suction cup mounts on the market.  It’s easy to use and one of the least complicated mounts available. The photo that accompanies this article is of a GPS mounted on suction cup then attached to the Nav-Mat bean bag car mount.  This depicts the typical setup of this mount. The concept is similar to a lot of … Read more