Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for a Vintage Car

Vintage Car DashboardWe’re going to talk about where to mount a mobile device within a vintage automobile.  I’m sure the designers of any vintage car never dreamed of what we’re using today, let alone mounting it in a car.

When you think about almost any vintage car, the typical places where we would like to mount a phone, GPS or tablet start to become difficult to find.  Depending upon when the vintage car was manufactured, there may not be an air vent because there wasn’t any such thing as air conditioning.  A cup holder in a vintage car?  Don’t think so.  CD player mount?  Ha!

Fortunately though, almost all vintage cars have a windshield so that’s our first recommendation.  My go-to suction cup mount and a good one for a windshield is the Arkon MegaGrip Suction Cup Windshield and Dash Mount.  The suction mount features a vacuum locking suction assembly attached to a pivoting arm.  There is an expandable holder that opens to 3.4 inches so it will fit almost any size phone.  The phone can swivel into any orientation.  The mount also comes with an adhesive disk that you can stick to the dash to turn the mount into a console mount.  The suction assembly can adhere to the adhesive disk just like it would on a windshield.  This is a very reliable mount and I can vouch for it based upon my years of personal use.

The same mount but for a Garmin GPS is the Arkon Windshield Dash Garmin Nuvi Suction Mount.  I have recommended this one over the many years it has been available and it’s one that I use personally.  An excellent mount that comes with a 2-year warranty.  It’s more rugged and longer than the Garmin mount you received in the box.  Like the prior mount, this is a longer reach to the windshield so set it before the drive.

A lot of vintage cars have a huge dashboard.  Much larger than today’s compact sized vehicles.  Consider using the Arkon Friction Dash Mount for SmartPhones and Midsize Tablets.  This includes a cradle that opens to over 7 inches so it’s going to fit most smartphones and tablets up to the size of an Apple iPad Mini.  The included bean bag weighted dash mount weighs almost two pounds and has a safety anchor which I suggest using.  The device can swivel 360 degrees and will pivot and tilt.

You can also use one of the suction cup mounts mentioned in the beginning of the article.  They come with an adhesive dash plate so that the suction mount can be stuck to your dash.  However, I’m suggesting you not do that as vintage cars and adhesive just don’t seem right.  By the way, a dash mount is best for states where mounting to a windshield is illegal.

Today’s cars can be challenging when it comes to finding the seat bolt, but not so on many vintage cars.  Older cars often used a traditional set of bolts to attach the seat to the floor.  Check how the seats are attached in the car.  If the bolt can be seen and is accessible, a seat bolt mount might be a good choice.

I have used the Arkon Car Seat Bolt Floor Extra Long Mount for Tablets for my iPad.  This is the 22″ long version of the mount.  The mount has a hook on the bottom that fits under the seat bolt.  Installation is easy and takes five minutes.  Be sure to use a wrench or pliers when installing these.  Don’t hand tighten the bolt.  Use the wrench or pliers because it needs to be completely tight to ensure the weight of the tablet doesn’t compromise the mount.  The mount itself is made of metal and is flexible so when your tablet isn’t in the mount, it can be bent out of the way so a passenger can sit without a problem.

The phone version of the seat bolt mount is the Arkon Smartphone and Midsize Tablet Car Seat Rail Mount.  This mount has an extra long 22″ bendable stalk and gets the phone nice and high for viewing.  The expandable cradle opens to about 7 inches so large enough to fit phones with or without a case or skin.  While I prefer the windshield mount better for GPS use, this is good for applications where the driver does not need to constantly look at the display.

All vintage cars are naturally going to be different so check into these selections and choose the one that will work best for your application.