Old School Garmin GPS Car Mounts and Holders

I remember my first GPS.  It was a Garmin Streetpilot III GPS.  These were large units. About the size of an average human foot.  Garmin provided an adhesive dash mount which was actually a good mount.  I remember when I replaced this GPS with a new Garmin Nuvi 350, I liked the mount so much more than the suction variety, that I used it for the Nuvi as well.  That was what I would call an old school Garmin GPS car mount. Back in the days of my old Garmin Streetpilot III GPS, the only company that made mounts for a … Read more

Portable Car Dash Mounts

A portable car dash mount makes a lot of sense for several reasons.  Most obvious is that it’s always a good idea to avoid pasting anything permanently to your vehicle if possible.  While it can be removed, it involves some work as can be read in our article called Removing a Car Adhesive Dash Mount.  It’s been one of our most widely read articles since we first published it.  Second reason for a portable mount that a permanent mount is an indication to a potential burglar that you may have something worth stealing in your car.  Lastly, if you live in … Read more

Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount

We have taken a look at several bean bag car dash mounts in the past.  The Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount is another popular entry in the bean bag mount arena.  The mount is compatible with most GPS, phone and tablet suction cup mounts on the market.  It’s easy to use and one of the least complicated mounts available. The photo that accompanies this article is of my TomTom GPS mounted on suction cup then attached to the Nav-Mat bean bag car mount.  This depicts the typical setup of this mount.  The concept is similar to a lot … Read more

Car Dash Camera Mounts

Most dash cams have a typical 1/4 inch – 20 threaded hole at the bottom.  That’s a common pattern for tripods and there is a wide variety of camera mounts available for your car.  It’s worth noting that most action cameras make great dash cams.  That’s includes the very popular GoPro line.  The majority of action cameras also have that common screw hole pattern at the bottom.  If you have a GoPro, remove the weatherproof case from the camera and you will see that hole at the bottom.  The exception to the rule of the tripod hole is the Garmin … Read more

Car Dashboard Mounts

The car dash is a good place to mount a GPS, smartphone, radar detector, camera or small tablet.  In some cases, it’s the only option you may have.  In a prior article, we discussed a few states where mounting anything to your windshield is illegal leaving your dash the only logical place to mount a device that needs to see what is in front of you (for example a camera or radar detector).   The dashboard is a good place to mount anything that needs to remain near your line of site while driving. The key components of a good dash … Read more

Arkon CM012 Friction Dashboard Mount Product Review

The Arkon Friction Dashboard Mount weighs in at roughly 1.5 pounds, is black in color and measures 8 x 7 inches.  These mounts are made to work in conjunction with your suction cup mount. The photo to the left features the Arkon friction mount with a suction cup attached that has a cradle for a Garmin Nuvi 200.  When you purchase the Arkon mount, the suction cup mount is not included, that was added by me for the photo. The mount features an attached 80mm smooth round plastic plate which is a bit larger than the diameter of most suction cup mounts. … Read more