Mounts for the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090

Mounts for the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090The Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 were recently introduced as part of the company’s product refresh for the RV line.  The mounts required for these GPS models are different from practically all others.  We will discuss that in more detail below.

Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 Mounts are Different from Anything Else

These aren’t cheap GPS devices.  As part of the premium price paid, you will receive two mounts.  Both are solid mounts.

Common to all mounts will be use of the magnetic cradle.  Unlike other Garmin GPS devices, these are powered cradles.  They provide power as well as HD traffic feeds.  The cradle also comes with a video port.

The back of the magnetic cradle has a 22mm socket.  This is completely different from practically all prior Garmin GPS devices that use a 17mm socket.  Therefore, the majority of mounts seen on the aftermarket are not going to fit this magnetic cradle.  You will need to specifically find a 22mm ball.

Included in the Box with the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090

The first mount included with the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 is the screw down mount.  These are commonly used on consoles.  The 22mm ball will fit the socket on the back of the magnetic cradle.  Just push it in.  If you don’t mind several holes in your console, then this will work best as it’s a permanent attachment and most secure.

Also included is a suction cup mount.  It’s very similar to practically every other Garmin suction cup mount except it has a 22mm ball.  Deploying a vacuum lever to improve the suction attachment, these attach to almost anything smooth and flat.  Most use it on the windshield but it can be used on smooth flat dash too.

Alternative Mounts for the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090

The mass market supports the Garmin automotive, smaller form factor GPS models like the Nuvi, Drive, DriveSmart and the dezl.  These all use a 17mm ball.  None of these mounts will fit the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 GPS.

The 22mm ball mounts aren’t easy to find, but of course, we found a few.  Here they are.

The photo that accompanies this article is the AMPS to 22mm Ball Flat Surface Mount.  These mounts feature a 22mm ball which is what you need.  The bottom uses the industry standard 4-hole AMPS pattern.  This mounting pattern is typically used for attaching to Vehicle Specific Mounts (VSM) which typically utilize the AMPS pattern.  Screws and nuts aren’t supplied but it’s a solid mount which works great on flat surfaces or for attaching to a VSM mount.  The mount can also be attached directly to a dashboard.

A unique mount to consider is this Extra Long Suction Cup Mount for the Garmin Drivesmart 86.  It extends from 14 to 18 inches and has a metal rod in the middle.  A great choice for SUVs and trucks.  Suction cup has a lever that when pressed creates a vacuum lock.  The added extension is really great for an RV.

As previously stated, there aren’t many options for a 22mm ball, but a few are mentioned.  This article will be updated as more become available.

Using an Old Garmin Mount

So the old Garmin mounts use a 17mm ball.  Fortunately, there are 22mm to 17mm adapters that can be attached to the old mount to make it compatible with this GPS.  Just screw it onto the old mount and you’ve saved yourself a lot of money on having to buy a new one.