Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount

Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount with a TomTom GPSWe have taken a look at several bean bag car dash mounts in the past.  The Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount is another popular entry in the bean bag mount arena.  The mount is compatible with most GPS, phone and tablet suction cup mounts on the market.  It’s easy to use and one of the least complicated mounts available.

The photo that accompanies this article is of my TomTom GPS mounted on suction cup then attached to the Nav-Mat bean bag car mount.  This depicts the typical setup of this mount.  The concept is similar to a lot of other dash mounts.  The bean bag has a round smooth disk attached to the middle.  The round disk is smooth like your windshield.  Simply attach your suction cup mount to the round flat smooth disk the same way as you would on your windshield.  After attaching the suction cup mount to the windshield, simply lay it on your dashboard.  The bottom of the bean bag has a non skid bottom to aid the bean bag in stability.  This is going to work best on dashboards that aren’t treated with oils such as Armor All which has a tendency to make the dash very slippery (in fact if you like to use Armor All or any similar treatments, avoid dash mounts altogether).

The bean bag itself is heavy.  Perhaps the heaviest of all the bean bag mounts that I have seen.  Comes it at about two pounds total and measures a little more than six inches in diameter.  The disk in the middle measures about 3.5 inches across.  This bean bag mount has an extended lip which fully surrounds the smooth disk in the middle, it’s where most of the weight comes from.  That extended lip juts up about an inch.  While this should not interfere with the majority of suction cup mounts, it can get in the way of a very low mount used with a large GPS as the device may not clear the lip.  The majority of mounts should work fine, but be aware of the lip to ensure your mount is going to be compatible.  Also, be sure to measure the clearance between the windshield and where you wish to place the bean bag to make sure that the full configuration will fit within the vehicle.

This bean bag mount is a nice addition for drivers in states like California and Minnesota where attaching a mount to your windshield is against the law.  I have seen GPS devices come packaged with only a suction cup mount and nothing else, leaving these drivers in a bind.  So the addition of a Nav-Mat is a real good addition in those cases.

The Bracketron Nav-Mat Bean Bag Car Dash Mount has been around for many years and for good reason.  It’s well made and not complicated to use and can be a good addition for drivers that only have a suction cup mount but would like to use their device in other locations within the vehicle.