Scotty Fishing Rod Mounts and Holders

Scotty fishing rod mounts and holdersScotty is a Canadian based company that distributes their products globally.  They concentrate on marine accessories with a heavy emphasis on mounting products.

Scotty offers a component based line of mounts meaning you can purchase a base and a holder and they are all interchangeable components.  The vast majority of Scotty rod holders are post mount rod holders.  The posts have indents on them and they are inserted into the Scotty bases with a push and turn.  The holders are fairly easy to install and remove and this means that you can install multiple bases on your boat and then move the holders to wherever you wish to place your rod.  A lot of Scotty customers will purchase several mounting bases and install them on multiple locations.  They then purchase a lesser number of holders and place them as needed.  Normally, you will remove the mount when the boat is not in use but the mounts are well made and can remain in place between use.  I suggest removal to prevent theft.

There are a few key decisions you will need to make prior to purchasing your fishing rod mount and we’ll review them in the following paragraphs.

First decision to make is where you would like to mount your fishing rod.  Scotty offers a large variety of locations.  The most popular location is the top of the gunnel (the top edge of the vessel).  Scotty make several different surface mounts that bolt to the gunnel including a locking and non-locking variety.  I recommend the locking mount for a few dollars more as it will be more secure than the non-locking.  The locking variety has a button which you will push to install and remove the holder.  Scotty also makes a gunnel flush base which is a cleaner install but will require drilling a large hole on the boat so that the post can be inserted.  Another popular location for mounting a fishing rod is any railing on your boat.  The Scotty Round Rail Mount is a perfect solution for those that are hesitant to drill any holes.

Now that you have the location figured out, you will now need to select the type of holder to pair with the mounting base.  The holder selection is based upon how secure you want your rod to be held, and sometimes, the type of rod you have.  This decision can also be influenced by the look desired.  Most holders I have seen in use are black in color, but they are available in chrome and white too.  I never thought white was a good idea as these are made of composite plastic which discolors with exposure to the sun and weather elements.  Most Scotty rod holders can be purchased alone or coupled with the more popular mounting bases that were referenced earlier in this article.

One of the most popular holders is the Scotty Rocket Launcher.  Available in black and chrome, the holders consist of a nine-inch long tube.  The Rocket Launcher features a tilt and swivel option and the rod inserts directly into the tube.  This is the simplest and quickest to insert and remove your rod, however it also is the least secure since nothing is holding your rod in place.

Next up, the Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder includes a feature that locks your rod in place by flipping over the top part of the mount.  I prefer this mount to the one just discussed as it is a more secure that the Rocket Launcher.

If you have a fly rod, Scotty make an excellent holder that includes a safety strap.  The Scotty Fly Rod Holder is an excellent choice for hands free trolling and is fully adjustable.

If you find that the holder placed into the base is not high enough, add the Scotty Rod Holder Extender.  Scotty Extenders fit between the post and holder and adds 6.5 inches of height to the final install.  Although you can rig multiple extenders together, I do not recommend it as the mount will be too top-heavy and unstable.