Inserting and Removing Scotty Post Holders and Mounts

Inserting and Removing Scotty Post Holders and MountsInserting and removing Scotty Post Holders and Mounts isn’t as easy as it looks. Scotty is a Canadian based company that distributes their products globally.  They concentrate on marine accessories with a heavy emphasis on mounting products.

Scotty offers a component based line of mounts meaning you can purchase a base and a holder and they are all interchangeable components.  The vast majority of Scotty rod holders are post mount rod holders.  The posts have indents on them and they are inserted into the Scotty bases with a push and turn.  Or are they?

Like I said at the beginning at this article, it’s not as easy as it should be.  A basic mounting base such as the Scotty Side Deck Mounting Bracket Black has a series of raised edges within the hole that’s in the middle of the mounting base.  The purpose of that hole is to receive the rod on the bottom of the fishing rod holder.  The problem comes about as you try to insert the rod holder.  The key is to line up the groove patterns on the post with those of the mounting base.  Do that, then push and screw in.  Removal is a similar exercise except you can’t see the grooves.  You need to do it by feel while turning the post and pulling upwards.

On an important and positive note, this mounting exercise creates a very secure hold.  The con is it isn’t terribly easy but then again, how often will you remove the post holder?  If the answer to that question is that you plan to remove the post holders on a frequent basis, the next paragraph will save you a lot of time.  If you never remove the post holder, stop reading, you now have the knowledge necessary for removing Scotty post holders.

For those that needing frequent removal of the Scotty post holder, it’s the Scotty Locking Side Deck Mounting Bracket to the rescue!  Scotty has used the previously described mounting system for a real long time.  They must have run into a lot of questions from their customers on the subject of removing Scotty post holders and mounts.  They came out with the locking base in reaction to this.

The locking mounting base has a quick release button on the side.  Pushing this button while pulling upwards on the Scotty post holder means an almost effortless release of the post.  The button disengages the locking mechanism to make it easy to remove and install any of the Scotty post holders or mounts.

A similar type of mount is available as a flush mount.  The Scotty Locking Flush Deck Mount requires drilling a hole matching up to the post holder.  The locking flush mounting base also has a locking button that allows removing Scotty post holders and mounts very simple.

After experiencing these mounting bases, my opinion is that the small premium in price for the locking variety of base is worth it.  The reduction in installation effort is greatly minimized and it saves a lot of time.