A Roku Mount Keeps the Box from Falling Behind the TV

A Roku Mount Keeps the Box from Falling Behind the TVI have been a Roku user since the first generation from 2008.  Since then, I have owned a few other Roku models.  The boxes got smaller, the cables remained heavier and the box constantly fell behind the TV due to the weight of the cables and lightness of the redesigned box.  I recently discovered a Roku mount for keeping these in place.  I wish I would have discovered these sooner.

The photo that accompanies this article is my Roku 3 sitting on the TV console.  It’s located next to the DVR which comes from Cablevision.  Truth be told, I had to pull it from the back of the console as it was almost on the floor behind the TV (again).  After getting it in place, I had to straighten it out because that heavy HDMI cable was pulling it back behind the set.

I use Roku to watch YouTube and other videos on my living room TV.  I don’t use it daily.  When I use it, I typically have to find the remote, and then find the Roku.  And there it is behind the TV.  I can guarantee you that when I look at my Roku 3 in a week, it will be halfway to the floor (again).

That’s where the TotalMount Roku Mounting Shelf and Remote Holder comes into play.  The mounting kit comes with two parts.  There’s a holder for the Roku and a tray for the remote control.  Using this mounting kit accomplishes two things.  First, the remote can be kept in the small tray where it can easily accessed.  Secondly, the Roku is held by another holder to keep it from falling behind the television.

Both Roku mount accessories include adhesive pads to adhere to a flat surface.  The back of a television is flat.  That seems to be the best place to locate this mounting kit.  My television has HDMI ports on the bottom half of the back of the set.  The Roku mount can be adhered to the bottom of the set in close proximity to the HDMI ports.  The remote will have no problem communicating with the Roku and a short HDMI cable is all that is needed.

The remote control’s adhesive tray sticks to the back of the television near the top where it can be easily stored.  There’s the obvious requirement of placing it back in the tray when finished using it.

Ventilation slots to facilitate air flow are molded into the Roku mount.  A good feature that I didn’t think of until I saw this mount.

A few different configurations exist for this mounting kit.  You can simply purchase the Roku mount without the remote tray if you prefer storing the remote control between the sofa cushions.

There are a few other Roku mounts to consider.  The EchoGear Universal Streaming Device Mount attaches to a flat screen television mount at the back of the set.  This is a different concept versus the previous Roku mount from TotalMount.

The EchoGear mount attaches to a spare hole on the flat screen mount (most TV mounts have multiple mounting patterns hence the spare hole).  So the limitation is that the television must be attached to a wall or there’s nothing to attach the Roku mount to.  A hook and loop fastener is used to attach the Roku to the mount.  You would do that prior to attaching to the bracket on the back of the set.  Not a bad solution for flat screen televisions hung on a wall but not usable in my situation where the TV sits atop a console table.

Using either of these mounts will prevent your Roku from sliding behind the television.  A nice addition for a great product.