How to Mount an Echo Dot Around the Home or Office

How to Turn an Echo Dot into a Night LightAn Echo Dot is made to sit on a table or shelf.  Just like the one seen in the photo.  Or maybe there are other options for an Echo Dot?  Let’s take a look at some options and why you might prefer to put this elsewhere.

There are a lot of places to put an Echo Dot.  Have seen some fairly creative places including a guy who replaced one of his recessed light fixtures with an Echo Dot.  That’s pretty clever as it keep it out of the way.  If you have a way to power it from the recessed light (and can do with a little less light in your room), this is a great location.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to mount your Echo Dot in more conventional places.  Think of places like a wall, under a kitchen cabinet, maybe attach it to a power outlet.  So let’s take a look at what’s out there.

Sometimes a shelf or table isn’t available so you might want to attach your Echo Dot to a wall.  Consider the Stick On Small Shelf for Speakers etc..  It’s from a company called ElHook.  We became familiar with ElHook products earlier this year when we reviewed their Nest Cam Window or Wall Shelf.  Their concept for  the Echo Dot is similar, just a bit larger with a hole in the middle for the power cable.  The shelf measures 12 x 3.75 inches and includes four 3M Command adhesive strips to attach it to a wall.  We recommend letting the shelf sit unused for 24 hours after initial adherence as that will allow the adhesive to work best.

Those looking for a minimalist mount can consider the The Spot by Dot Genie.  No table or shelf needed here.  This accessory uses your A/C outlet as the mounting point for the Echo Dot.  The Spot includes a plastic holder and short, custom length micro USB cable.  Add the A/C adapter that came with your Echo Dot.   Installation is very easy and you get to eliminate the extra long cable that comes with the Echo Dot.  We have used a similar concept from a different company to hold a Nest Cam and we liked it a lot.  In addition to the virtual elimination of the cable, the device is kept somewhat out of the way without reducing functionality.  This is a great idea.

Mounting your Echo Dot in the ceiling isn’t as far fetched as we originally though because there’s a product that helps you to do it.  Mounting your Echo Dot within a ceiling isn’t for the faint of heart but if you plan to use this long-term, and don’t mind doing to some work, there’s a way to do it.

The Flush Mount by Mount Genie is the accessory needed to do this.  This mounting kit includes a round adapter for your Echo Dot plus the necessary ten foot micro USB and AUX adapter.  It will take some handy work to complete, but once you’ve cut a hole with the accompanying template and run your cables to a power source and optional speakers the mount and the Echo Dot are held in place by a combination of pressure fit and wire placement.  To help with the sound, the Flush Mount features a “Sound Channel” to improve the sound and minimize any echo.  The mounting kit also provides a template in case you need to cut a hole in the ceiling to accommodate the Flush Mount.

So there’s three innovative products for mounting an Echo Dot.  All three add to the versatility of the product and help to blend the product into your home or office.  On a related note, be sure to read our article on how to turn your Echo Dot into a night light.

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