Where to Put a Roku Express and How to Put it There

Roku Express Adhesive StripThe Roku Express is an excellent low-priced streaming device.  It delivers a huge amount of functionality in a very small footprint.  The performance matches up with most other streaming devices.  It lacks an Ethernet port which definitely contributes to the smaller size.

This is the second device we have looked at on our site.  Unlike the traditional Roku streaming box, this only weighs a bit more than an ounce and has a much smaller footprint.  It’s a cross between a streaming box and streaming stick.  It’s smaller than a streaming box and it is not a stick that inserts directly into an HDMI port.

The Roku Express is a very small rectangular device that doesn’t exactly sit flush with a flat surface due to light weight and HDMI and AC cables that attach to it.  To make matters worse, the remote requires a direct line of sight to the Roku Express meaning it cannot be hidden behind the television set.  So what you’re left with is a small black device that sits crooked on your television console table or hangs from TV via the HDMI cable.  Not a good look.

The photo that accompanies this article is of the adhesive strip that comes in the box.  Attach it to the side of the Roku Express and tape it to the wall, side of a television or console.  While that might help, it may not be ideal, especially if you want to relocate or replace the device.

So off we go looking for some alternative mounts for a Roku Express.  It’s worth noting that our recommendations will work for the Roku Express and Roku Express+.  They are the same device, but the Roku Express+ includes an additional component attachment.

The TotalMount for Roku Express might be the best solution we have seen for this device.  It’s a custom holder with an extended adhesive attachment.  The adhesive part sticks to the back of the television and place the Roku Express towards the front of the room.  This means it’s accessible by the remote control.  This mount allows placement of the device at the top, side or bottom of the television (we prefer the top as that’s where you will get the most effective remote control coverage).

For those wanting to attach their device to a wall or flat surface temporarily, consider the eLhook Stick-on Small Shelf.  We recently looked at a similar product from this company for home security cameras and they work well.  These small shelves attach to practically any vertical surface using temporary adhesive strips.  Place the device on the shelf and run the HDMI and power cables through the hole that is molded into the shelf.  The shelf is nine inches long so you can also place the remote on it when not in use.  Most importantly, this uses temporary adhesive strips so it can be easily removed.

Either of these solutions will straighten things up in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.  Sounds like a good marketing opportunity for Roku.  While the Roku Express is a bargain given its capabilities, finding a good place to put it is a bit of a challenge.