GPS and Phone Mounts for Snowmobiles and Sleds

RAM RAM-B-149Z-PD3 OtterWe will be hitting 17 degrees tonight in Northern New Jersey today.  The foot of snow on the ground isn’t going to melt until April as it’s been one of the colder winters we have experienced in quite some time.  Looking up at Boston where they have run into a few snow storms that exceeded one foot, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining.  If you have a snowmobile and you live where there is a lot of snow, I suppose you are pretty happy now.  Today, we will discuss mounting a GPS or phone to your sled.

Mounting anything to your snowmobile is not as simple as finding a cheap bicycle mount and attaching it to your handlebar (if your sled has a handlebar).  You need a mount that will withstand a very high vibration environment.

You also need a mount that will grip your device extremely tight.  You also need a mount that will keep your device dry, that’s unless you have a waterproof device (there are a few GPS and phones that are indeed waterproof, but most are not).

When selecting a mount for your snowmobile, first think about where you would like to put it.  Most will select some spare handlebar space.  While you might be tempted at this point to simply buy a motorcycle mount, be aware not all motorcycle mounts are the same.

Do not use a plastic mount.  While some plastic mounts may work well, the inexpensive ones that you see online are not made for a snowmobile and can fall apart in a very cold wet high vibration environment.  I recommend a good metal mount to avoid the guesswork of if a plastic mount is high quality.

We have always liked the RAM line of handlebar mounts for this type of application,  Coupled with a custom GPS cradle or heavy duty phone holder, these mounts are guaranteed for life and have been proven to work well in these types of environments.

If your handlebar is under 1.25 inches in diameter, consider the RAM U-Bolt Mount.  A handlebar larger than this will call for the RAM Strap Mount.  Both of these mounts come equipped with a handlebar base, three-inch metal arm and a mounting diamond at the end.

The diamond is used to attach to a RAM Custom GPS Holder.  The RAM GPS cradles are well made and custom to the model of GPS.  If you are concerned about the elements and would like some additional weather protection, add the Medium Wide Aqua Box to your mount.  These will fit most GPS units that have a diagonal screen size up to five inches.  These are fairly large boxes so be sure you have the real estate available.

If you would like to mount your phone to your snowmobile, RAM has you covered here as well.  They offer a variety of holders that will attach to the mounts just highlighted in the prior paragraph.  If you are lucky enough to possess a phone that is waterproof, I have used the RAM universal spring loaded holder with many years of success.  For other phones, RAM has a wide variety of weatherproof cases that should work well.