Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS Mounts

Bracketron Cupholder for Garmin Approach G8The Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS is the latest generation in a long line of devices for golfers.  It’s built upon Garmin’s handheld GPS platform that’s typically used for hikers.  There is a 3 inch display and the device is preloaded with more than 39,000 golf courses all over the world.  Something new with the Approach G8 is automatic wireless course updates.  Older Approach models required attachment to a computer to do that.  There are no fees or subscriptions.  There is the ability to tether this to your iPhone to get email messages on your Approach G8 which is an interesting feature that I’m not too sure is very worthwhile.  Like all other golf GPS devices, the Approach G8 gives golfers distances to the target and helps with club selection while giving a bird’s eye view of the terrain.

There are numerous mounts that are available for the Garmin Approach G8.  Early versions of golf GPS units were typically attached to the user’s belt.  I hated that, and apparently I wasn’t alone because there are now a large number of alternative mounting locations available.  Let’s cover a few of them.

Besides the belt clip that’s in the box with the Approach G8, Garmin offer a mount for push carts.  The Garmin Approach Universal Mount Kit has mounting hardware that can be used with square or circular tubing and is useful for attachment to a pull cart.  The mounting kit includes a custom Approach G8 holder.

A new favorite is the Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount for Garmin G6 G7 and G8.  This mount clamps to the roof support post of an electric golf cart or onto a push cart.  This mount actually uses the belt clip that came with the Approach G8.  Simply insert it into the slot on the Caddie Buddy.  It’s easy to remove and install.

I always like to use universal cradle mounts wherever possible and if looking for an innovative place to mount the Approach G8, consider the cup holder of a golf cart.  The Bracketron Golf Cart Cup Holder Mount offers an expandable cradle that opens to approximately four inches wide so it will grab the Garmin Approach from the sides.  The cradle has movable side grips so that you can move them up or down and avoid pressing of any side controls.  The bottom has an expandable base that can be made wider to contour to the size of the cup holder by twisting the top of the base.  Most golf carts have more cup holders in it than you could load with drinks so finding a free space to place the mount shouldn’t be a problem.  If using any universal mount such as this, be sure to remove the belt clip, but keep it around because you never know when you may need it.

You can also attach your Garmin Approach to the golf bag itself.  This is accomplished by borrowing on the design that is normally used to mount a GPS or cell phone to a sun visor of a car.  The Bracketron Golf Bag Mount is what you need.  It also borrows the same cradle from the previously mentioned mount and slips over the top of your golf bag.

These are all excellent choices for mounting an Approach G8.  The Caddie Buddy is a new personal favorite out of the four discussed.  Well designed and easy to install and use on a golf cart.  It’s super simple to use with the Approach G8.