Golf Cart Phone Mounts

Golf Cart Phone MountsBefore smartphones, a lot of golfers were excited with the introduction of GPS devices dedicated to the game of golf.  Handheld devices programmed with the layouts of golf courses to show the distance to the pin with an overlay of the terrain were popular.  Well, now almost everyone uses an app on their phone for this purpose.  Therefore, golfers need a place to put their phone.  That’s where today’s topic of golf cart phone mounts comes in handy.

Imagine you’re heading out in a golf cart to play a round.  You have a place for everything needed.  But what about your phone?  You could put it in your pocket but let’s face it, that just won’t feel right.  Forget about clipping it onto your belt.  Placing it in that little slot that you throw your tees into won’t work because you will be referencing it at least 18 more times.  It needs to be in plain view, preferably at an angle where it can be easily accessed and viewed.

Let’s look at some good location for golf cart phone mounts.

Golf cart phone mounts need a few things to be usable.  First, it needs to attach to a place that’s available on a golf cart.  Secondly, it needs to hold your phone.  We like expandable universal cradles that open to at least 3.5 inches.  That size will typically be large enough to accommodate a phone within a protective case.  And as a side note, use a protective case because you’re going to drop the phone eventually. A good case typically goes for a lot less than a repaired screen.  Get a case.  We like Otterbox, and here’s a link to an article that discusses this line of cases.

One of our favorite golf cart phone mounts fits the cup holder between the passenger and driver of a golf cart.  Consider the Bracketron Golf Cart Cup Holder Mount featuring an expandable cradle that opens to approximately four inches wide.  The adjustable support arms grab your phone from the sides.  The cradle has movable side grips so that you can move them up or down and avoid pressing any side buttons.  The bottom has an expandable base that can be made wider to contour to the size of the cup holder by twisting the top of the base.  A flexible stem attaches tot he cradle to the base and is used to angle the phone towards you.

Another good candidate for those seeking golf cart phone mounts adheres to the windshield.  The Bracketron Universal Grip-iT Rotating Windshield Mount shares the same cradle as the cup holder mount.  This mount also features a bendable shaft. The phone can swivel 360 degrees in this mount as well as the cup holder variety.  The suction mount uses a vacuum lock for a sturdier hold to the windshield.

The last place to recommend in our discussion of golf cart phone mounts will fit the support pole that holds the overhead canopy.  The Bracketron Xventure Universal Caddy Strap Mount straps around most support poles.  They also fit a walking cart handlebar.  This mount uses an expandable cradle.  It includes an adjustable strap that is easy to install and remove.  These fit diameters larger than an inch and is tightened by pulling on the strap and removed by pulling up on the tab and loosening the strap.

There you have three good examples of golf cart phone mounts.  Our favorite is the cup holder mount.  For times when the existing cup holders are unavailable, the windshield is our next choice followed by the support post.