Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount for Garmin Approach G6 G7 and G8

The Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount for the latest Garmin Approach golf GPS units is one of the few I have seen specifically targeted to this line.  Sure, Garmin has their Garmin Universal Mount for Approach G6 G7 G8, but it has its challenges in attachment and stability in that the GPS doesn’t hold too well to the mount.  Let’s take a closer look at the Caddie Buddy mount and how it differs from the Garmin entry.

Caddie Buddy is a company that specializes in making what I call specialty mounts.  Unlike other companies that make car and motorcycle mounts, these guys market their mounts for golfers, hunters and photographers.  Not a bad niche to be in because there is a lot of competition in the mainstream vehicle mount market.  As you can tell by the name, their line of mounts has roots in the golf line.

The Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount attaches to the post or dash lip of your electric cart or handlebar of a push cart.  The mount features a clamp that opens from 5/8 up to 1 ¾ inches and tightens with the attached thumbscrew.  It’s made of metal and has rubber clamping pads to provide a greater grip as well as protect the surface that’s being clamped to.  It’s easy to attach and remove so you can take it with you.  That’s particularly important since most carts are rented and I can tell you from experience that the guys waiting to take your cart back to the barn aren’t keen on waiting until you remove a complex mount from their cart.

These mounts fit the Garmin Approach G6, Approach G7 and Approach G8.  The rear belt clip is needed to attach to the mount.  While I never could understand why Garmin insists on putting a rear belt clip on their golf GPS units, this mount provides me with the first good reason for that belt clip.  I have a hard enough time swinging a golf club and making the ball go straight, let alone try to do it with a GPS attached to my body.  Anyway, if you are like me, you may have already removed the belt clip.  Hopefully, you didn’t trash it but if you did, here’s the Garmin Approach Belt Clip for your consideration.

Using the belt clip, the Garmin Approach will attach to the Caddie Buddy just like it would to your belt.  There is a slot attachment on the mount where the belt clip attaches to.  To attach, just lift the belt clip over the slot and release.  The Garmin Approach is now mounted.  I like using these mounts when in a riding cart by attaching it to the dashboard lip.  You can see the distance to the pin and the roof of the golf cart provides ample shade so you can read the display easily.  All buttons are fully accessible when in the Caddie Buddy and you can potentially leave it mounted for the full round of golf and never remove the GPS from the mount.

The Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount for Garmin Approach G6, G7 or G8 is a well made mount that should last a long time.  The mount comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.