Phone and GPS Mounts for a Yamaha V Star Motorcycle

Yamaha V Star MotorcycleThe Yamaha Star line of motorcycles have been around for over twenty years and are still being made.  Today, we are looking at mounts for a Yamaha V Star motorcycle.

The photo that accompanies this article is of a Yamaha V Star cockpit.  That’s a mighty big looking gas tank with a handlebar in front.  It should be no surprise that we will stick with mounts for the handlebar location.

We aren’t big fans of the gas tank as a mounting point because that typically involves using an adhesive or suction mount.  There is one adhesive blend that we like but if not applied properly, it won’t work well.  Generally speaking, adhesive and suction mounts and high vibration environments don’t work that well.  So let’s avoid the gas tank as a mounting location on a Yamaha V Star.

The diameter of most Yamaha V Star motorcycle handlebar diameters is one inch.  That’s fairly standard as most mounts made for a motorcycle handlebar fit from 1 – 1.25 inches.  A Yamaha V Star generally offers quite a lot of real estate for mounting on the handlebar so most installs can be done yourself and should be easy.  The mount should have a ball and socket design to angle it towards the driver.

More people are using a smartphone for navigation and other purposes these days, so let’s start with those types of mounts.  By the way, if you haven’t tried it, check out our Waze review.  It’s the best GPS app out there.  It’s also free.

We recommend using a case like an Otterbox Defender or LifeProof to protect your phone against road debris.  The small investment will help protect against potential damage to an expensive phone.

Take some time to select a good quality mount that is made for a motorcycle.  Mounts manufactured for a bicycle may fit a Yamaha V Star but aren’t rugged enough for motorcycle use.  Make sure the selected mount holds your phone tightly and can withstand the rigors of a vibrating motorcycle.

The RAM X-Grip line of mounts continues to a be a favorite for motorcycle use.   For a Yamaha V Star, consider the RAM X-Grip IV Handlebar Mount.  These metal mounts are very well made and come with a lifetime warranty.  Featuring the expandable X-Grip IV cradle, these open to 4.5 inches which is large enough for most phones with or without a case.  This mount attaches to the handlebar and allows complete 360 degree rotation.  Use the included safety tether for added security.  Be sure to read our article on the X-Grip cradle.

Now let’s talk about a traditional GPS.  A GPS comes in two flavors.  The first is made for a motorcycle.  Most popular is the Garmin Zumo line of motorcycle GPS devices.  Another popular line is the TomTom Rider.  Both share a similar mounting pattern on their powered cradles.

Most GPS owners are using a Garmin GPS.  Either a Garmin Zumo or one of the car models like a Garmin Drive.  The Zumo includes a RAM motorcycle mount that will attach to a handlebar or clutch.  The Garmin Drive uses a cradle with a 17mm socket on the back.  You will use a mount that has a 17mm ball on it.  We recommend tethering the GPS to your handlebar if possible for added safety.

Those with a Garmin Zumo or TomTom Rider can consider the RAM Mounts U-Bolt with Arm and Adapter for Garmin Zumo.  Use the u-bolt mounting option to attach it to a Yamaha V-Star.  The mounting adapter includes 4 holes that align with the back of the powered GPS cradle.  A lifetime warranty is included with this mount.

The second type of GPS that is available are those made for a car.  The nice part about most current GPS models from Garmin is they have a form factor similar to that of a phone.  Ditch the included cradle and suction mount and deploy the phone mount we previously recommended.  As long as the GPS is no higher than 4.5 inches, it should fit quite well.