Security Screws for Locking Tablet, Radio and Marine Mounts

The introduction of tablet technology, especially expensive tablets technology has led to the need for locking tablet mounts.  These mounts include a locking cradle to keep your tablet firmly in place.  The locking cradle is typically coupled with a flat surface mount that is screwed or bolted down.  Then you just need to worry about a thief armed with a screwdriver.  However, if you use security screws, you don’t need to worry as much. There are many applications and devices that benefit from the inclusion of security screws.  The expensive locking tablet mount is one.  Ham Radios are another device where … Read more

Locking Motorcycle Mounts for GPS, Tablets, Smartphones

A lot of motorcycle owners would like to leave their stuff on their bike and not have to worry about it being stolen.  Locking motorcycle mounts can be a good deterrent to theft of the mount itself and, if you have the proper cradles, can also prevent theft of the device that’s being mounted. Let’s start with the discussion with what it takes to make the mount anti-theft.  A good rule of thumb is that if the mount is really easy to install, it’s going to be really easy to remove.  You don’t want that.  Good locking motorcycle mounts require … Read more

How to Lock a RAM Mount

RAM makes an excellent mounting system.  They are well made, very stable and come with a lifetime warranty.  However, they are also very easy to steal.  While it’s almost impossible to make anything completely theft-proof, there are some add-on options that will make your expensive RAM Mount a lot more difficult to steal. The first line of defense is the base.  Use a base that uses tools for attachment such as flat surface mount or a u-bolt handlebar mount.  The RAM Flat Surface Base has pre-drilled holes for mounting with bolts to a flat surface.  This is an example of … Read more

Locking Mounts for iPads, Other Tablets

There are a lot of reasons to lock your iPad and this article will discuss why you would want to do that and some ideas on how to do it.  Locking mounts help to prevent theft of the device and in some cases, theft of the mount itself. Over the many years of working in this industry, we came upon many examples of why someone would lock their iPad.  Here are a few specific examples. A trucking company wanted to provide their drivers with tablets to detail delivery manifests and provide directions to the destination via GPS. A restaurant uses … Read more