Security Screws for Locking Tablet, Radio and Marine Mounts

Security Screws for Locking Tablet, Radio and Marine MountsThe introduction of tablet technology, especially expensive tablets technology has led to the need for locking tablet mounts.  These mounts include a locking cradle to keep your tablet firmly in place.  The locking cradle is typically coupled with a flat surface mount that is screwed or bolted down.  Then you just need to worry about a thief armed with a screwdriver.  However, if you use security screws, you don’t need to worry as much.

There are many applications and devices that benefit from the inclusion of security screws.  The expensive locking tablet mount is one.  Ham Radios are another device where the inclusion of security screws for mounting the bracket under the dash.  A third device that can benefit big time are marine fishfinders.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen boat owners leaving their $1000+ device on their boat at the public docks.  Adding a set of security screws to the mount will make it very hard for thieves to steal the device.

Now all of this talk about security screws comes with a giant caveat that you need to be sure the rest of the mount cannot easily be removed.  The device needs to be locked onto the mount.  Use of a keyed cradle or locking knobs are necessary.  The mount is inexpensive compared to the device you are trying to protect.

The term security screws is a bit of an oxymoron.  Screws are made to be easy to insert and remove.  Security screws are easy to insert and remove but you need to have the proper screwdrivers.  Security screws typically include a bit pattern that isn’t your typical Phillips or slotted pattern.  It has a pattern that requires a certain hard to find screwdriver bit.  One that isn’t carried in a typical toolbox.

The first, and probably most common security screw is a Torx screw pattern.  I first ran into a Torx pattern on a car that I owned a long time ago.  The Torx screws were used to hold the headlights into place.  I found this out the hard way when I went to change the headlight.  I actually wound up taking it to a mechanic because I wasn’t familiar with the Torx pattern.  He educated me and I went out and purchased a Torx screwdriver for the next time I needed it.

I’m not a big advocate of Torx pattern security screws.  These have been around for a long time and are fairly common.  This means that Torx screwdrivers are fairly common too.  You need a pattern that’s hard to come by.  Something where you are one of the few with that special screwdriver.

Spanner Screws are some of my favorite security screws.  There aren’t a lot of people walking around with a screwdriver that is going to match this pattern.  It’s got two holes.  A Phillips screwdriver isn’t going to fit nor will a slotted screwdriver bit.  You need a Spanner Pattern Screwdriver.

One Way Slotted Security Screws are another interesting pattern.  These screws do not require a special screwdriver.  Slotted is fine.  However, these are one way screws.  So if you are certain that the screws will never be removed, nor will the mount, these are a good way to install your mount.  The slot on the head of the screw is manufactured to go in, not come out.