Tablet Mounts for Fire Trucks

Tablet mounts for fire trucks have some unique requirements versus one for a passenger automobile or SUV.  They need to be rugged and will likely need an expandable holder that will accommodate a thick case along with durability necessary for constant removal and insertion of the tablet.  Unlike what might work with a car, the attachment probably needs to be something other than a typical suction cup mount. When it comes to tablet mounts for fire trucks, it’s not unusual to see a bolt on or clamp mount.  So that’s what we’re going to concentrate on.  Heavy duty tablet mounts … Read more

Police Scanner Car Mounts and Holders

A police scanner is used to catch the action from local police departments.  Several years ago, these were fairly inexpensive because none of the transmissions were scrambled.  Today, it’s a bit different as many local frequencies are scrambled and require a more expensive police scanner to decode the scrambling. Police scanners come in many different sizes.  The sizes range from full tabletop to a handheld device.  Most police scanners come in the smaller handheld size.  This article will cover police scanner car mounts for the smaller handheld models. There isn’t such a thing as a custom mount for a police scanner. … Read more

How to Repair a PBA or FOP Shield Car Mount Holder

PBA (or FOP) shields are a New Jersey thing, perhaps also New York.  I have never seen them in other states.  It works like this.  You have a close relative that’s a current or retired police officer.  They receive a limited number of brass police shields and give them out to their close relatives.  That person displays them inside their car in plain view.  When and if they get pulled over for a minor infraction, the officer sees the shield and might give them a warning instead of a ticket.  At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.  I … Read more

Locking Mounts for iPads, Other Tablets

There are a lot of reasons to lock your iPad and this article will discuss why you would want to do that and some ideas on how to do it.  Locking mounts help to prevent theft of the device and in some cases, theft of the mount itself. Over the many years of working in this industry, we came upon many examples of why someone would lock their iPad.  Here are a few specific examples. A trucking company wanted to provide their drivers with tablets to detail delivery manifests and provide directions to the destination via GPS. A restaurant uses … Read more