Locking Mounts for iPads, Other Tablets

There are a lot of reasons to lock your iPad and this article will discuss why you would want to do that and some ideas on how to do it.  Locking mounts help to prevent theft of the device and in some cases, theft of the mount itself. Over the many years of working in this industry, we came upon many examples of why someone would lock their iPad.  Here are a few specific examples. A trucking company wanted to provide their drivers with tablets to detail delivery manifests and provide directions to the destination via GPS. A restaurant uses … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Musicians

So here’s how I came up with the idea of  Tablet Mounts for Musicians. While sitting in a cafe during a trip to Europe, a musician with a guitar singing in Dutch was the main attraction.  Had no idea what he was singing, but noticed him looking down at the middle of the microphone stand while he was playing.  I was sitting in the back of the cafe because that’s where Americans sit when they sing in Dutch.  After an hour of this, I decided to beeline for the Men’s Room which was located at the corner and was able … Read more

How to Mount a Tablet to a Wall

I recently read that 5% of all cable TV subscribers had cut the cord.  They were using services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or Amazon Prime to watch their favorite TV shows.  Typically using a tablet of smartphone to do this, it gets tricky to share the device when you watching it with another person.  It also gets tiring to hold your device for the duration of an entire TV show or movie.  Like your flat screen TV, what if you could mount the tablet to your living room or bedroom wall?  In this article, we will show you how to … Read more

Using your Apple iPhone or iPad on the Golf Course

A device called a SkyCaddie was introduced roughly ten years ago.  It was the first electronic device to combine a GPS with maps of golf courses.  Over the ten years, roughly ten models were introduced that would alter the size and functionality, eventually integrating voice and color maps.  It was a simple concept.  Based upon your location on the globe and the pin, the SkyCaddie would tell you how far you were from the hole.  Personally, I had no use for these since I was such a bad golfer that the distance to the pin was meaningless.  However based upon … Read more

Vehicle Mounts for your New Apple iPad 3

New iPad.  iPad 3.  We’re not sure what to call it.  In what seems to be an annual progression of slight improvements, the iPad 3 has hit the market.  The dimensions are very similar to prior iterations of the iPad so it is highly likely that if you have purchased mounts with a custom iPad cradle they will fit fine.  The iPad 3 is a little thinner than the first generation and .03 inches thicker than the 2nd generation.  If you have an older 1st generation iPad mount with custom cradle, just add some thick tape strips to the back … Read more