Phone and Tablet Mounts for Live Streaming and Live Video

Seems like everyone with anything good to say is out on one of the social media live streaming platforms.  Facebook Live, Busker and Periscope (owned by Twitter) have emerged as three of the top platforms for live streaming.  For those unfamiliar with this form of social media, it’s all done using an app on a smartphone or tablet. The use of a good phone or tablet mount makes for a better broadcast.  Why?  Ever do Facetime while the other person is holding their phone or tablet?  It feels like a fishing trip that went wrong.  The shaking on the other … Read more

Apple iPad and Tablet Living Room Mounts

Large tablets, especially the Apple iPad, have become a central point of entertainment and communications for many people.  That brings us to the topic of today which is Tablet Living Room Mounts. I was recently speaking to a friend who informed me that she doesn’t watch TV any longer.  I asked how she kept up on all the cool TV shows and movies.  She explained that she has a subscription to Hulu and watches the shows on her iPad.  She also explained to me how she lays down and balances her tablet on her legs.  Her idea is good in … Read more

Mounting a Tablet Under a Kitchen Cabinet

There are a lot of reasons to mount a tablet under a kitchen cabinet. The tablet is a life altering device and you really don’t notice the effects until you sit back and look at how you did things ten years ago versus how you do it now. I was recently cooking dinner using a recipe from my favorite cooking site  Had my tablet out on the counter where I promptly coated the majority of the lens with flour.  Had I used a tablet mount, the device would have been elevated out-of-the-way and at eye level, not to mention … Read more

The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Wall Mount

Tablets mounts for your home or office is a mostly ignored opportunity from the mount manufacturers (and by this web site).  The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Carbon Fiber Wall Mount is a nice tablet wall mount for your mid to large size tablet on a wall or cabinet.  This is one of the better made mounts available for tablets. There are a lot of uses for this tablet wall mount.  My favorite is the kitchen where using an application such as Allrecipes for cooking instructions.  Believe me when I tell you that placing your tablet in a mount where you can … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Hospital Beds

A recent visit to a rehabilitation center and observing patients with large tablets leaning on their laps and stomachs led me to write this article about tablet mounts for hospital beds.  A tablet with an internet connection is important for someone spending some time away from home.  It helps to stay connected and see what’s going on in the world.  Downtime in a rehab center is long and boring.  Having a tablet allows the patient to keep in touch via email or FaceTime.  It provides some entertainment with news and game apps.  You can even watch TV with the Comcast application. … Read more

Tablet Floor Stands and Table Mounts

I was recently doing a Facetime conversation with a relative on my Apple iPad which went on for almost an hour.  Holding your tablet for an hour in a position where the other person can see you during a video conversation isn’t as easy as you may think.  Your arm gets tired.  Real tired.  Using tablet floor stands for this purpose accomplishes two feats.  First, the arm fatigue is eliminated.  Secondly, by placing the tablet further away, you have more freedom to move around without leaving the visibility of the camera and person you are speaking with.  Most tablet stands … Read more