Swinging a Golf Club with a GPS on Your Belt

You are on the course with your new golf GPS from Callaway, SkyCaddie, Golflogix or any of the dozen manufacturers that make golf GPS devices.  Swing the club, come around for the perfect shot.  Your club just hit the darn GPS! We couldn’t figure out why some of these manufacturers though the belt clip was a good idea.  In addition to difficulties swinging the club, it’s inconvenient to remove the GPS from your belt whenever you want to check your distance to the pin.  Fortunately many of the latest golf devices abandoned the rear belt clip and acknowledge that putting … Read more

Using your Apple iPhone or iPad on the Golf Course

A device called a SkyCaddie was introduced roughly ten years ago.  It was the first electronic device to combine a GPS with maps of golf courses.  Over the ten years, roughly ten models were introduced that would alter the size and functionality, eventually integrating voice and color maps.  It was a simple concept.  Based upon your location on the globe and the pin, the SkyCaddie would tell you how far you were from the hole.  Personally, I had no use for these since I was such a bad golfer that the distance to the pin was meaningless.  However based upon … Read more

Smartphone Apps for Golfers

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, technology is changing when it comes to all sports.  Today we’re talking about a sport that is one of the easiest to apply technology to, which is golf. I used to think that having a device such as my SkyCaddie GPS to tell me the yardage from where I was standing to the pin was about as good as it got.  I would stand on the course, whip out the GPS, and check the yardage.  I would then adjust my club to what the book said would make it to the green based upon the yardage … Read more