Garmin Approach G30 Golf GPS Mounts

The Garmin Approach G30 was introduced in 2017 as the latest upgrade to an aging lineup of golf GPS devices.  Now you might say there’s not a lot left to do that’s new with a golf GPS.  You’re right.  This upgrade provides similar functionality to previous generations with the upgrades coming in the form of a better display and better internal hardware. We have been following the Garmin Approach for many years and have written many articles on this line of golf GPS devices. The Garmin Approach G30 supports over 40,000 courses and you can couple it with the Garmin … Read more

Golf Cart Phone Mounts

Before smartphones, a lot of golfers were excited with the introduction of GPS devices dedicated to the game of golf.  Handheld devices programmed with the layouts of golf courses to show the distance to the pin with an overlay of the terrain were popular.  Well, now almost everyone uses an app on their phone for this purpose.  Therefore, golfers need a place to put their phone.  That’s where today’s topic of golf cart phone mounts comes in handy. Imagine you’re heading out in a golf cart to play a round.  You have a place for everything needed.  But what about … Read more

Golf Cart Mounts for GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinders

The GolfBuddy Voice and GolfBuddy Voice 2 are among the smallest of golf GPS rangefinders on the market.  They jam a lot of features within this small device.  In this article, we will be looking at mount options for both rangefinders. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 is the most recent of the two rangefinders.  It displays most of what you need while playing a round of golf.  A small photo of the green is displayed with the distance to the front, center and rear of the green.  It’s not as robust as some of the more expensive golf GPS models, but it’s a … Read more

Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount for Garmin Approach G6 G7 and G8

The Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount for the latest Garmin Approach golf GPS units is one of the few I have seen specifically targeted to this line.  Sure, Garmin has their Garmin Universal Mount for Approach G6 G7 G8, but it has its challenges in attachment and stability in that the GPS doesn’t hold too well to the mount.  Let’s take a closer look at the Caddie Buddy mount and how it differs from the Garmin entry. Caddie Buddy is a company that specializes in making what I call specialty mounts.  Unlike other companies that make car and motorcycle mounts, these … Read more

Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS Mounts

The Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS is the latest generation in a long line of devices for golfers.  It’s built upon Garmin’s handheld GPS platform that’s typically used for hikers.  There is a 3 inch display and the device is preloaded with more than 39,000 golf courses all over the world.  Something new with the Approach G8 is automatic wireless course updates.  Older Approach models required attachment to a computer to do that.  There are no fees or subscriptions.  There is the ability to tether this to your iPhone to get email messages on your Approach G8 which is an interesting feature that I’m not too … Read more

Smartphone Apps for Golfers

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, technology is changing when it comes to all sports.  Today we’re talking about a sport that is one of the easiest to apply technology to, which is golf. I used to think that having a device such as my SkyCaddie GPS to tell me the yardage from where I was standing to the pin was about as good as it got.  I would stand on the course, whip out the GPS, and check the yardage.  I would then adjust my club to what the book said would make it to the green based upon the yardage … Read more