Mounting a Radar Detector Anywhere BUT the Windshield

Radar Detector Dash MountDid you know that in some states it is illegal to have anything stuck on your windshield?  It you are in California or Minnesota and we hear it is starting in Florida, you will receive a ticket for having it attached to your windshield and you can read more about that here.  They don’t mind you having the detector, it’s where you put it.  Although, be aware, some states do mind if you have one of these, so be careful that you are using a detector where it is legal.

While we find some radar detector manufacturers (like Escort) typically supply visor clips, most others supply a suction mount.  This article is for those that either live in a state where mounting to a windshield is illegal or would rather simply mount their detector anywhere but the windshield.

Now some may be concerned that if the radar detector is not on the windshield, it will be less effective.  Not so.  Radar is a microwave signal.  At 1000 feet, a radar beam is roughly 85 feet wide.  These radar signals penetrate glass, plastic, cardboard.  Radar has a problem penetrating metal and some windshield tints that have a metal base.  So even if there appears to be some blockage of the signal, it is still effective.  Amazingly, my radar detector has worked effectively even when stuffed between the seats of my car.

We have seen some people using mobile phone cradle mounts with a radar detector.  I suppose that will work but it doesn’t look right.  So in order for your radar detector to use a mount that’s intended for a detector (other than the one from the manufacturer), you will need to use something that will hold it from the bottom.  Sort of like a platform.  Velcro is normally used to attach it.

The Car Dash Mount for Radar Detectors shown in the photo that accompanies this article uses Velcro.  Stick one side of the small strip to the bottom of your detector and the other side sticks to the platform of the mount.  It’s a suction mount with an adhesive smooth disk that adheres to your dash.  The disk is smooth and flat like your windshield so the suction mount that’s provided will adhere to it just fine.  These types of mounts also come coupled with a Car Bean Bag Dash Mount for Radar Detectors.

In other articles on this site, we have talked about RAM Mount’s magnetic Power Plate III.  These platforms combine a strong magnet with a metal strip to securely hold devices such as a radar detector.  You would combine these platforms with one of RAM’s mount combinations to place this practically anywhere on your motorcycle.  This comes with a lifetime warranty which is unique.

We also have experience with non-skid rubber mats.  They are inexpensive and hold some small items.  However a radar detector anchored by a cord is going to be too heavy, at least in my experience, and may slip off with rapid starts and stops.  Use a mount that anchors or clamps around your detector.