RAM Medium/Wide Aqua Box for GPS Devices

RAM RAM-HOL-AQ6The RAM Medium/Wide Size Aqua Box is one of the most rugged weatherproof devices that I have seen.  The ruggedness of the Aqua Box makes it ideal for high vibration outdoor use such as on a motorcycle, boat or ATV when coupled with metal RAM mount.

The Aqua Box is constructed of a heavy plastic with a clear lens.  The lens is sensitive enough so that you can still interface with your device.  You do need to apply some additional pressure, but you can program your destination prior to riding without removal from the Aqua Box.  So the Aqua Box is going to work fine as long as you apply some pressure with your bare hands.  You are going to run into mixed results if wearing gloves.

The case is on the larger side.  The internal dimensions are important and it’s 6″ wide, 4″ high , 1.75″ deep.  The external dimensions are 6.5″ wide, 5.25″ high, 2″ deep.  The internal dimensions are large enough to accommodate most GPS units up to a five-inch diagonal screen size.  For example, the Garmin Nuvi 57LMT measures 5.5″ wide, 3.4″ high,  0.8″ deep so it can fit quite well within the Aqua Box.  You may have noticed the Aqua Box is deeper than current GPS models.  The RAM Medium/Wide Aqua Box has been around for a long time and GPS units used to be much deeper.  Fortunately RAM provides a series of foam inserts to make up for the space.  Lay these inside the Aqua Box behind the GPS.  The inserts service to cushion the GPS as well as keep it stable when in use.

The back of the Medium/Wide Aqua Box has a pattern for attaching the RAM Round Adapter.  This adapter is a prefect match and the Aqua Box includes the screws and nuts necessary for attachment.  The round adapter comes in metal and plastic.  Use the metal option to support the added weight of the box with a GPS.  While you can use the RAM Mounting Diamond instead, it’s recommended that you stick with the round adapter to maintain the weatherproof seal as well as for the extra screws that you can use for a more secure attachment.

The back of the Medium/Wide Aqua Box has a punch out for cables.  You simply punch out the port in the middle and run your power or traffic cable through the cut out.  After running the cables, attach the round adapter.  There is a small tunnel molded into the box just under the adapter holes.

This box is water-resistant not waterproof.  This is an important distinction.  Waterproof means you can dip the case in water and it won’t leak in.  I’m unaware of any mount that includes a waterproof case, especially if you are going to run cables through it.  If you are doing casual riding and it starts to rain moderately, you shouldn’t need to worry about it getting inside the case if it’s water-resistant.  If the rain becomes significant or torrential, pull over and remove the GPS.  In fact, pull over and stop riding to be safe.

If looking for a good water-resistant case to accompany your RAM Mount, the RAM Medium/Wide Size Aqua Box is a proven choice that will serve well.  RAM provides a lifetime warranty on everything except for the lens.  Additional RAM Medium/Wide Aqua Box Lenses are available if ever needed.  It’s nice to be able to purchase the lenses without having to replace the entire Aqua Box.