Arkon GPSWPCS532 Water Resistant GPS Handlebar Mount

The Arkon GPS Bike Handlebar Mount with Water-Resistant Holder for 5″ Garmin, TomTom, Magellan Devices is an excellent solution for protecting your GPS from the elements.  This is the second generation of water-resistant cases from Arkon.  Readers of our site, might recall our review of the smaller cousin to this larger model which can be read here.

We have been asked many times over the years whether or not a car GPS can be used on a motorcycle or bicycle.  We decided to write a detailed article on the subject which you can read here.  In this article, we focused a bit on weatherproof cases which can be paired with a good quality handlebar mount.  This product is an example of such a mount.

The case is zipper shut and features a cable access port so that you can run cables to the GPS if needed.  Arkon includes several foam pads which are used to provide cushion for the rear of the GPS and fit the unit right below the clear lens and to keep it still while riding.  The case measures 5.95″ x 3.12″ x .33″ internally.  The zipper is easy to open and close.  The clear lens is responsive to human touch which means that you can interact with the GPS to set it up before riding.  The case works best with bare hands as gloves may be a challenge depending upon the thickness of the glove.

The case is advertised to fit GPS models up to 5.5 inch diagonal screen size and as I review several popular Garmin and TomTom models, they all look like they will fit well.  I was hoping a six-inch GPS would fit but it looks like they are a bit too long for this case, and in fact I’m not certain if anything beyond a 5 inch GPS can fit in any weatherproof case on the market.  Anyway, check your GPS and as long as the dimensions are less than or equal to 5.95″ x 3.12″ x .33″, it should fit well.

The included mount is a dual T version of Arkon’s GN032 motorcycle handlebar mount.  This is a well made mount that’s typically used for holding a Garmin GPS.  The mount fits handlebars up to 1.25 inches.  Included rubber strips are used to prevent marring of chrome handlebars and to allow the mount to be used for handlebars that are less than 1.25 inches in diameter.  The mount has an attachment with two tabs on it.  The two tabs fit the two slots on the back of the case.  The mount has the ability to swivel into any orientation as well as tilt.

The mount provided with the case isn’t very high, perhaps an inch or less off the handlebar.  Therefore you will need to be sure your handlebar has enough real estate available to place your mount as the case will sit almost flush to the bar.

Attachment to the handlebar will require a screw driver as it’s bolted onto the bar with two screws.  This isn’t a mount that meant to be easily removed.  The case itself can be removed easily enough though.  Simply lift upwards and the two tabs will come off the two slots on the back of the case.

A couple of important reminders.  The case is weatherproof, not waterproof.  This means that your GPS remains protected in mild to moderate inclement weather.  It isn’t made for heavy downpours and there is a port at the bottom for cables that can also let water in if riding in extreme elements.  Set your GPS up prior to riding as it’s dangerous and not advised to interface with any electronics while riding.  Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The Arkon GPS Bike Handlebar Mount with Water-Resistant Holder for 5″ Garmin, TomTom, Magellan Devices is a solid selection backed by Arkon’s two-year warranty.  It’s simple to install and you can easily remove your GPS when not in use.