Pocket Radar Mounting Ideas

Pocket Radar MountThe Pocket Radar is a small device that’s popular for measuring ball speed.  Typically used for baseball or tennis, you can hold this in your hand or mount it to a fence post or batting cage.  These can also be mounted on a large tripod.

Before we start, let’s look at the dimensions of the Pocket Radar.  There are a few different iterations of the Pocket Radar but the maximum measurements are 4.7 inches high, 2.3 inches wide and .8 inches deep.  These dimensions fall in between a phone and handheld GPS.

Using a Tripod for a Pocket Radar

With an optional accessory, a tripod can be used too.  Tripods come in a variety of sizes and you might have one already.  Tripods come in a variety of sizes ranging from a mini tripod a few inches high to a full size four foot model.  The key to using a tripod is in the screw that a camera usually attaches to.  That screw uses a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded pattern.

So it turns out that the company that makes Pocket Radar offers a Universal Tripod Mount.  It’s a multi-purpose mount that’s well designed.  One side fits the Pocket Radar.  The other side can be used to mount your phone or even attach to a batting cage.  The bottom of the mount has a 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole so it can be placed atop a tripod.

Seems like Pocket Radar thought of almost everything with this mount.  Just add a tripod and you’re all set.

Pocket Radar Batting Cage and Fence Post Mounts

A fence post or batting cage is a popular location to mount a Pocket Radar.  Measure the diameter of the fence post or try to estimate the batting cage space where you want to mount it.  Use these dimensions to ensure the mount that you purchase will fit the place where you want to mount it.

Consider the Arkon Mobile Grip 5 Clamp Post Mount.  That’s the mount shown in the photo that accompanies this article.  These mounts are typically purchased for a phone, but they also fit the Pocket Radar.  These use a clamp that opens in the back making it easy to put it around a post or fence.  The included cradle is spring loaded to grip the device tightly.  The clamp portion opens to a little more than 1.5 inches.  There’s a 2-year manufacturer warranty on these.

Power Alternatives

The first mount discussed which is made by Pocket Radar can also accommodate a power bank.  That’s going to be useful for extended periods of usage where the USB cable can be used to keep the device powered up.  These are great to have for charging multiple devices.  They typically come with multiple ports for charging several items simultaneously.  Buy one with at least 20000mAh.

The Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank is a good brand in USB accessories and this is a good one to consider.  It has two USB inputs and will use your existing cables.  Use it during the day and then charge it up at night from home.  These also come in very handy when the power goes out and you need to keep your phones charged.  They’re also great for travelling.