How to Mount an Escort Radar Detector to a Rear View Mirror

There are only a few locations that work best when mounting a radar detector.  While a radar detector can technically be mounted almost anywhere, somewhere near the windshield works best.  That leaves your choices to a windshield mount, dash mount or your rear view mirror.  Escort makes some of the best radar detectors including the 9500ix, 8500×50, Solo S3, Redline Series.  Today we discuss how to mount an Escort radar detector to a rear view mirror.

Almost all Escort radar detectors utilize a mounting system that utilizes a slot at the top of the device (the Escort Max series is an exception).  They provide a small rather unimpressive mount with the radar detector that is used for attachment to the windshield.  For many, this mount will work fine.  But for some, not so much.  The limitations of the windshield mount are that it partially blocks the view of the road, is a pain to remove and reattach and you need to have a power cable dangling from the device to your car’s power outlet.  A rear view mirror mount, coupled with a specialized power cable, eliminate all three of those limitations.

Most Escort radar detector rear view mirror mounts work the same way.  The mount has grips that wrap around the round pole that attaches the rear view mirror to your windshield.  Let’s look at a few good options to mount an Escort radar detector to a rear view mirror.

The mount in the photo is the BlendMount R Series Aluminum Radar Detector Mount for Escort/Beltronics.  This is the type that wraps around the round rod that attaches the rear view mirror to the windshield.  It my opinion, this is the cleanest and best of the mounts.  There is a custom insert that works on almost all Escort radar detectors except the Max series.  This means it will fit all the other popular models including the 9500ix, 8500X50, Solo S3 and Redline series.  These mounts place the Escort radar detector just behind the mirror.  The mount has rubber padding on the grips so your rear view mirror doesn’t get marked up.  It looks like it was installed at the factory.

Another option for the rear view mirror is the PerformancePackage Rear View Mirror Mount for Escort Radar Detector Bracket fits most Escort models except the Max series.  The mount includes custom wrenches to tighten the bolts and wraps around the mirror post.  Unlike the BlendMount, the PerformancePackage mount doesn’t provide rubber coated grips so your mirror post might get a little marked up.  These mounts are typically offered at a lower price than the BlendMount.

What about power?  You’re going to find that the typical charger accessory is kind of out-of-place when mounting an Escort radar detector to a rear view mirror.  The best option is to splice it into the power cable that’s going to the rear view mirror.  It’s not as hard as it sounds.

The MirrorWire Rear View Mirror Power Cord for Escort Radar Detectors With Inline Fuse is what’s needed to wire into the rear view mirror power.  This cable is ten inches long and has the typical phone-type ending that plugs into your Escort radar detector.  The other end of the cable has the connections to tap into the rear view mirror power.  Be sure to follow all instructions when wiring this to your rear view mirror and if uncomfortable doing this sort of work bring it into a mechanic.

The power cable coupled with one of the mounts we just discussed, will result in a professional looking installation.