Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount for Escort and Beltronics Review

Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector MountYou purchase a new Escort Passport 9500ix radar detector for hundreds of dollars.  The box it arrived in is substantial reminding me of the feeling you get when opening the box to a new Apple iPad (it probably costs as much).  Everything is there that you need to use your new radar detector.  Take a look at the mount.  It’s a small unsubstantial mount with tiny suction cups.  That’s where the Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount comes into play.

Arkon has been making mounts for a long time.  My first exposure to them was with an XM satellite radio.  They made reasonably priced quality mounts.  They never made a mount specifically engineered for a radar detector.  Earlier in 2016, they introduced the Arkon RDMET01 radar detector mount.  This suction cup mount that fits most Escort and Beltronics radar detector models.

How does it compare to the mount that Escort and Beltronics provide?  A photo of the Arkon RDMET01 radar detector mount accompanies this article.  Looks a lot different, right?

The difference starts at the suction cup.  Instead of three small suction cups that have a little tab on them, the Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount has one large suction cup that measures roughly three inches across.  The suction mechanism features a lever which activates a vacuum lock.  Be sure your windshield is clear of any dirt or film, then place the suction cup where you want it.  Press down on the lever and it’s secure.

The stock mount from Escort and Beltronics has a small metal tab and the position is fixed.  The Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount has a pivot feature.  This allows adjustment of the radar detector’s angle up or down.  Loosen the small twist nut on the side, maneuver your radar detector then tighten the nut.  The angle of the radar detector is now at a fixed angle.

Like the Escort and Beltronics stock mount, the Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount has a small indentation to lock into the insert on top of the radar detector.

Like most Arkon mounts, this has a two-year warranty.

This mount is made to attach a radar detector to a windshield.  I suppose this could be coupled with an adhesive dash plate but that would place the radar detector upside down.  It would likely function just fine, but just look a little funny.

The Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount fits practically all the Escort and Beltronics models including the extremely popular Escort Passport 9500ix and 8500.  It’s probably easier to list the ones that it will not fit versus the models that it does fit.  It will not fit the MAX Series, Passport iQ, SmartRadar or PASSPORT Max models.

It’s also worth mentioning this mount will fit a Rocky Mountain Phantom-T Radar Detector too.  I stumbled upon that by accident when I was looking for a new mount for this one.  It might fit other Rocky Mountain models, haven’t tried it.

It’s great to have a well alternative to the stock mount from Escort and Beltronics.  From personal experience, I can tell you that the radar detector will likely outlast the mount.  When it’s time to face the question of buying a new mount or a new radar detector, consider upgrading your mount to the Arkon RDMET01 Radar Detector Mount instead of buying a new radar detector.  It’s a lot cheaper than a new radar detector.