Radar Detector Motorcycle Mounts

Radar Detector Motorcycle MountsI know I shouldn’t speed and typically don’t but it sure is nice to know when to look down at my speedometer to ensure that I am at or below the current speed limit.  Using a radar detector is legal within most US states.  They are simply to attach to any car windshield using the included suction mount that comes with the radar detector.  Not so simple when it comes to a motorcycle.  We never recommend using a suction cup on a motorcycle but especially not the ones that come with most radar detectors.  They are way too small and will not hold up to the vibrations of a motorcycle.  So today we discuss radar detector motorcycle mounts.

There are two primary ways to hold a radar detector securely to a motorcycle.  Both provide a solid hold on your device.

The first method is to use secure straps over the top of the radar detector.  These need to be embedded as part of the mount similar to the way that Techmount has implemented their solution for radar detectors.  The Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Smart Phone & GPS Mount Kit integrates an expandable cradle with a high quality metal mount that fits bars up to 1.25 inches diameter which is large enough for most standard bikes.  Although normally marketed towards holding a phone, it will work for many radar detectors too.  The cradle opens to 4 inches which is wide enough for most radar detectors.

The second method to consider is from RAM Mounts featuring the Power Plate III magnetic plate.  This flat plate combines three rare earth magnets with a metal strip to provide a solid hold to whatever the metal strip is attached to.  The metal strip has an adhesive strip to attached to one side.  You will adhere that to the bottom of the detector.  This will work on most radar detectors that have a flat bottom.  Combine this with the RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Mount with Round Adapter and you have a solid solution to holding your radar detector.   The magnets will provide a strong hold.  I recommend ensuring the bottom of your radar detector is clean of any oil or debris prior to adhering the metal plate.  Since the metal plate is using adhesive, do allow at least 24 hours for the glue to cure before using it on the road.

Now that you have some solutions for radar detector motorcycle mounts, you might be wondering how you will hear it over the engine of a motorcycle.  Good thinking.  Fortunately there are a few solutions available which integrate with many popular radar detector models.  It’s Techmount to the rescue once again with the H.A.R.D. System for radar detectors.  The system is easy to install as it is comprised of a transmitter which plugs into the radar detector.  You also get a receiver that is placed inside your cheek pad or can be mounted on the outside of your helmet.  The bright red LED light on the receiver immediately begins flashing when your detector activates, giving you ample time to check your speed.  This system is compatible with most popular radar detectors.