How to Make a Phone Stand When Live Streaming

The title for this article came from someone looking for an answer to this issue:  How do I make my phone stand when live streaming?

Had to think about that one then I looked down at my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Rounded beveled edges means this phone cannot stand on its side.  Not even with a big thick case.  You need some mount assistance for this feat.  (worth noting is my Apple iPhone 6s Plus in a big Otterbox Defender does indeed stand on its side all by itself)

First question to ask is do you really want to make your phone stand when live streaming?  The answer is probably not.  Think about it.  If you are seated at a table or desk and live streaming, your phone standing on its side is likely to take great video of your chest and not your face.  Ideally, you want something to hold your phone and tilt it upwards or perhaps a stand to keep your phone at eye level.

So you’re going to need a mount and this article will look at a few to help your phone stand when live streaming.  Or at least something close.

A real quick and convenient solution to make your phone stand when live streaming is to integrate it into your case.  There are a few case manufacturers that integrate a small kickstand into their protective cases.  I have tried the Spigen Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  It’s a good case that has a small pullout stand on the back.  Perfect for standing your phone upright.  That Spigen Case with kickstand is what’s pictured with this article.

A mini tripod will often fit the bill for live steaming.  Coupled with a cradle, a small tripod will stand on your desk and will enable you to make your phone stand while live streaming.

Consider the Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder and Flexible Mini Tripod.  Flexible legs on the bottom help to not only get a good position but also can wrap around a rail or post.  This is what you get when you combine a mini tripod with a solid universal smartphone cradle.  The mount’s included expandable cradle opens to 3.6″.  The bottom of this cradle has a standard tripod hole on the bottom and it screws to the included tripod just a camera would.  Since the cradle opens to 3.6 inches, almost all phones will fit with or without a case.  The flexible legs can be used to stand on a desk as well as wrap around the arm of a chair or anything similar.

Not surprisingly the included tripod can hold a camera too.  It has a standard 1/4″ – 20 thread pattern so it can be used with a standard camera or even a GoPro when it’s out of the weatherproof case.  The included cradle has a 1/4″ – 20 threaded hole just like the bottom of a camera so it screws onto the top of the mini tripod.

If the table or desk has a smooth non-porous surface, use a car suction cup mount.  Get one that has a lot of adjustment options such as the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount for SmartPhones.  This mount has an extendable base combined with an expandable cradle.  Unlike many similar mounts, the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 has a two-inch extension feature.  The included cradle expands to 3.2 inches by pressing the buttons on each side.  This is large enough to hold most phones.

The last solution to make your phone stand when live streaming is for real serious live streamers.  The Livestream Gear Smartphone and LED Light Tripod Setup for Streaming is one to consider.  This is excellent for low light situations allowing simultaneous mounting of a smartphone and light.  The expandable cradle opens to 4 inches so it will most smartphones.  The tripod includes an LED light which is going to help provide a higher quality video stream.

These are three good suggestions for live stream users.  All will enable the ability to have your phone stand while live streaming.  Kind of stand.  Well you know what I mean.