Mounts for the Polaroid Cube and Cube HD Camera

Polaroid is attempting to establish their brand as a player in the action camera market.  The Polaroid Cube HD Camera is so unique they might be well on their way.

The first thing that makes this camera so unique is the size.  The camera measures 1.38 inches (35mm) high.  You would expect this size camera to be nothing more than a toy but you couldn’t be more wrong.  The camera features a wide-angle lens that delivers 1080HD video at 124 degrees of coverage.  This means that from wherever the camera is placed, the lens is going to cover the majority of the action spanning from left to right.  The rechargeable battery records up to 90 minutes.  The video is written to a micro SD card up to 32GB.

So here’s the funny thing about mounts for the Polaroid Cube.  You may not need one at all.  The bottom of the Cube is magnetic.  If you have a metal surface, simply attach it to the metal and you’re done.  Start recording.  There’s plenty of metal surfaces to attach the Cube, just be sure it isn’t high vibration like a motorcycle or boat.  The video quality in average environments is quite good.  There’s a good video on YouTube where the guy compares the Polaroid Cube to a GoPro Hero4.  While I think the overall image quality is better with the Hero4, when you consider the vast price difference, the Polaroid Cube is pretty good.

Let’s discuss mounts for this camera.  The shape and size of the Cube doesn’t work well with just any camera mount on the market.  Most importantly, there isn’t a standard tripod screw hole anywhere on the camera.  The only legitimate option is to use a mount made specifically for the Polaroid Cube.  Many of the custom mounts will take advantage of the magnetic surface of the Cube to fix it to the mount.

Taking your Cube outdoors is made easy with the Polaroid Waterproof Shockproof Case for the Polaroid Cube.  This is a similar concept to the case that is provided with a GoPro Hero.  The case is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) deep and is fully shockproof.  It is made of plastic and rubber so you don’t need to worry about rust.  Like the GoPro weatherproof case, a mount will need to be added to use this case and you can use any of the mounts in the Cube series made by Polaroid.  It’s a simple operation to attach the mount to the case.  The waterproof case is available as a standalone case or coupled with a suction cup mount.

The Polaroid Strap Mount for the Polaroid CUBE is used to attach the camera to anything that you would tie a strap around.  Things like your wrist, arm, ankle or handlebar.  The Strap Mount includes two straps, one is 3 feet (1 meter) and the other is 6 feet (2 meters).  The strap is held in place with a buckle.

The Polaroid Tripod Mount for the Polaroid Cube is what is used to attach this camera to a variety of stands and mounts.  This mount has the standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole found on standard tripods however I have a feeling this accessory will be used in a different way.  There are a plenty or high quality mounts on the market for cameras that feature that standard tripod pattern and we have written numerous articles about them on this site.  This tripod mount will permit use of those third-party mounts.  So if you would like to pair your Polaroid Cube with a mount from RAM, Arkon or any of the other big players in the mounting industry, this will enable you to do that.

The Polaroid Bicycle Mount for the Polaroid Cube will allow attachment to the handlebar.  These fit handlebars up to an inch diameter.  While this mount isn’t something I would use on a motorcycle or for rugged terrain, it should serve the average bike rider quite well.  It clips onto the bar and can be swiveled 360 degrees.

If looking for a small inexpensive action cam with a wide variety of mounts, the Polaroid Cube HD Camera is a solid choice.  The variety of mounts that are available from Polaroid rivals GoPro and the video quality, while not quite up to par with a GoPro Hero4, is pretty darn good for the price and size of the camera.