How to Make a Phone Stand When Live Streaming

The title for this article came from someone looking for an answer to this issue:  How do I make my phone stand when live streaming? Had to think about that one then I looked down at my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Rounded beveled edges means this phone cannot stand on its side.  Not even with a big thick case.  You need some mount assistance for this feat.  (worth noting is my Apple iPhone 6s Plus in a big Otterbox Defender does indeed stand on its side all by itself) First question to ask is do you really want to make your … Read more

Mounts and Tripods for the Nest Cam IQ

We’re impressed with the Nest Cam IQ.  It’s a high quality camera that recognizes faces.  The camera will email you when it sees someone.  That’s pretty innovative. Mount Analysis The Nest Cam IQ comes without any mounts in the box.  There’s a round weighted base which the camera is attached to.  That’s fine for those wanting to place the camera on a flat surface like a table or shelf.  If that’s where you need the camera to be, stop here, thanks for coming by. The weighted base makes for an excellent stand on a flat surface.  The camera is seated … Read more

How to Mount a Mevo Live Event Camera by Livestream

The Mevo by Livestream video camera was recently introduced as a compact solution for those wanting to get a professional broadcast going onto Facebook Live or similar venues quickly and painlessly.  A lot of attention was placed on mounting options.  That might not be apparent to the naked eye nor are the world of accessories that are available.  Today,we discuss how to mount a Mevo Live Event Camera. Mount Analysis Let’s start with an explanation of how to mount the Mevo Live Event Camera.  Turn the Mevo base upside down.  There’s a screw hole.  That screw hole has a 1/4″ … Read more

Mounts for the ReoLink Argus Home Security Camera

ReoLink is a manufacturer of security cameras.  They recently started to offer wireless cameras.  We’re talking 100% wireless.  No wires for power.  No wires for internet.  The ReoLink Argus is an outdoor home security camera powered by four C123A lithium batteries.  We’re going to look at mounts for the ReoLink Argus. Mount Analysis When it comes to mounts, the ReoLink Argus is well thought out.  The bottom has an integrated magnet and standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole.  This is good news because that screw size opens us up to a wide variety of camera mounts and tripods for … Read more

Home Mounts and Tripods for the Petcube Camera

The Petcube Camera is a WiFi home security camera marketed to pet owners.  The Petcube provides many of the features of a home security camera with the added bonus of an integrated laser pointer.  Entertain your cat or scare the heck out of guests with this feature.  You can activate and move it from anywhere in the world. Out of the box, the Petcube is designed to sit on a desk or shelf.  It’s a fairly large camera measuring in at 4 x 4 x 4 inches and weighing over a pound.  A drawback is that the camera is recessed … Read more

Home Mounts and Tripods for the Amcrest ProHD Camera

The Amcrest ProHD Home Security Camera is one of the latest from Amcrest targeted towards home security.  The Amcrest ProHD Camera is a great piece of hardware with a so-so smartphone app. It’s great for those that want a camera and are somewhat technical.  Not for beginners. Out of the box, the Amcrest ProHD Camera is designed to sit on a desk or shelf.  This isn’t a typical home security camera.  It’s somewhat old school in design.  The lens sits within a round ball that can be swiveled and pivoted.  It provides a very wide-angle view as long as you have … Read more