BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for Smartphones

It’s hunting season here in New Jersey and I just discovered a product that’s innovative and real useful.   It’s called the BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer (and for Android see BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for Android Phones).

The marketing angle of this device is for hunters but it’s applicable to anybody that wants to read some files from an SD or Micro SD memory card.  BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer is a small card reader that can attach to your smartphone.  There are two models.  One comes with a micro USB cable to plug into an Android phone.  The second model comes with an 8-pin lightening cable to plug into an iPhone or iPad (supported by iPhone 5 and higher models).  Once it’s connected to your phone, you can then view the photos using one of several file management apps that are available in the app store (most of these apps are free).  BoneView recommends the i-Flash Drive HD app but there are others on the app store that should work just as effectively.  The application then permits you to scroll through the photos on the SD or micro SD card, delete them or even move them to your phone or tablet.

The concept for a hunter is simple.  You have several trail cameras mounted throughout the woods.  You visit each camera and open it up to get to the memory card.  Just insert them into the card reader and open the file manager application that you have on your device.  The BoneView then lights up and starts flashing as your phone reads the SD card.  You can then view the photos the same way as you would on your computer or tablet.  No need to carry a laptop with you.  Just view the photos on your phone.  This allows a hunter to have near real-time viewing capability of the latest action near their trail cameras.  Nice.

It shouldn’t matter which brand camera that you are using.  Most cameras from Moultrie, Bushnell and Stealth Cam store photos in a standard format on an SD card or micro SD card.  You can view, delete, even email the photos.  While it’s marketed towards hunters, there’s no reason you can’t use it for other devices that generate photos such as any SLR camera.  You might find it’s faster to get a photo from your camera to your phone versus inserting the SD card into your laptop, opening a folder then emailing it to yourself and having to view it from an email client on your phone (like I have on many occasions).

The BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer is an excellent addition for hunters that are using one or more trail cameras.  Being able to connect this to your phone means one less device that you need to carry into the woods.  The BoneView is small and light so using a mount on a tree stand with your smartphone should be possible even with the BoneView attached to your phone.  We wrote an article on the topic of phone mounts for hunters which can be read here.