Mounts for Suzuki Burgman Motorcycles

The reservoir cover base fits the Suzuki BurgmanThe Suzuki Burgman was introduced in 1999 and is a popular motorcycle in North America and Europe.  Today we discuss mounts for Suzuki Burgman motorcycles.

The Suzuki Burgman line is not an easy bike to put a mount on.  The choices are limited due to the unique style.  It does not have a traditional handlebar similar to a Harley-Davidson, so handlebar mounts are out.  The clutch does not have any exposed points for mounting either.  Similar to a Honda Goldwing, I have read many a post and seen a few riders that have used adhesive or bungee cords.  There are certain adhesives that will hold quite tightly and not compromise from the vibrations of a motorcycle, but there are also many adhesives that will fail.  Unless you are a chemist or manufacturer specializing in adhesives and know it will withstand extreme vibrations, I don’t recommend using them on motorcycles (but if you do decide to do it, be sure you are using 3M VHB adhesive).  The issue with a bungee is that they wrap around the device and block part of the display.  I suppose that doesn’t matter greatly for an Apple iPod, but if it’s a GPS, that isn’t going to work well.

I have also heard of riders using a suction cup mount.  While there are certainly some well made suction cup mounts out there, they aren’t made to withstand the constant vibrations of a motorcycles, so I don’t recommend using them in this environment.  Save the suction cups for the car.

The only location that we are aware of is the master cylinder reservoir cover.  There are several options available and they all fit similarly.  The mounts are attached to the cover.  They do not replace the cover but will screw to the top of the reservoir cover.

The largest manufacturer that we know of makes a reservoir cover base mount and they are called RAM Mounts.  This base is made of metal and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  The base fits cleanly over your existing brake/clutch reservoir cover.  Constructed of aluminum with a one-inch rubber ball molded to it.  The mounting kit includes a few sets of bolts, washers and rubber grommets for installation.  included instructions are very detailed and you don’t need to be a motorcycle mechanic to get this on.  As already mentioned, the mount is not an additional reservoir cover, but instead a plate shaped like the existing cover and attaches above the cover using the covers existing screw holes.  Longer screws are included which may replace the existing set.

Most RAM Mount owners need an arm and mounting diamond to complete the setup.  The previously mentioned base mount can be purchased as a reservoir mount kit ready for a custom cradle.  RAM makes a variety of custom GPS cradles to fit this kit.  Want to mount a camera?  Add a tripod ball.  For phone use, we always recommend the RAM X-Grip line.  For a good overview of this extensive line of cradles, read our detailed article here.