How to Mount a Smartphone to a Microphone Stand

Castiv GRI0002Now that many smartphones are as large as a small tablet, it’s possible to mount them to a microphone stand and actually see what’s on them.  My Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a 5.5 inch diagonal screen and measures 6.23 inches tall, 3.07 inches wide and .29 inches deep.  That’s not much smaller than a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.  So now it’s worthwhile to look at how to mount a smartphone to a microphone stand.

There are lots of applications that can teach you how to play the piano or guitar.  There are applications for displaying music.  There are a bunch that display a metronome.  While I’m clearly no musician, I know enough to come to the conclusion that learning to play an instrument while having to look down at a desk at your tablet has to be difficult.  You need to mount a smartphone to a microphone stand.

There are two ways to mount a smartphone to a microphone stand.  The most popular method involves a clamp that will fit tightly around the pole part of the stand.  The second way is to use the screw found at the top of the microphone stand.  Most threads measure either 3/8″ or 5/8″.  A mount for the top of a microphone stand will screw onto the top of the stand.  There aren’t many that fit the top of the stand.  The one in the photo is the Castiv Stand Sidekick.

We’re going to concentrate on the models that grab onto the pole part of the microphone stand.  The diameter of these stands will vary but typically come in at one inch.

The IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Mini for Smartphones is a good example of one that holds onto the pole part of the stand.  The vice part of the mount opens to 1.2 inches and that should be large enough to fit most microphone stands.  The included cradle opens to 6 inches.  That’s large enough to hold most phones from the sides (remember my iPhone 6s Plus is 3.07 inches).  The cradle will swivel into landscape or portrait.  The mount is easy and quick to install and remove.

The only limitation of the above mount is that it sits fairly close to the microphone stand.  While it does pivot upwards, it still sits fairly close to the pole.

The K&M Stands Smartphone Holder works similarly to the one we just discussed.  However, the mount adds a 4.33 inch flexible arm to the setup.  That’s enough to extend the smartphone up and away from the microphone stand.  The included cradle opens to 3.3 inches and can move into any orientation.  The included vice grip opens to 1.181 inches.

We mentioned that most microphone stands have a diameter of about one inch.  Well, that same diameter is present on a lot of motorcycle handlebars.  Some motorcycle mounts may fit a microphone stand.  Measure the diameter of the stand before looking for your mount.  You may find a high quality motorcycle smartphone mount will work well.  Be sure to select one that is easy to install and remove.  See our article on Easily Portable Motorcycle Phone Mounts for some suggestions.