Phone Mounts for Hunters

MFX101 on Tree StandIt’s hunting season in New Jersey, so it’s a good time to take a look at phone mounts for hunters.  Bringing your phone along on your next trip to the woods helps to pass the downtime.  The primary purpose of a hunter’s phone mount is to keep your phone secure and close by.  You might also be using your phone to record video so potentially want to keep the rear camera lens clear of obstruction.

Typically these mounts are attached to a tree stand or a railing.  We find that mounts with clamps work well on tree stands but there are some that use straps as well.  Before selecting your mount, put some thought into where you will mount it and how it will be used.  If being mounting to a tree stand, measure the diameter of the rail.  If installing it over a rail, take a measurement of the depth.  Finally, determine what you plan to use your phone for.  If recording video, select a mount where the rear camera lens will not be obstructed.   Most camera bow mounts will attach to the stabilizer.

Like most mount recommendations we make these days, we steer towards the use of universal cradles.  Nothing worse than having to buy a new mount when you switch phones and that’s what you will need to do if your mount includes a cradle made specifically for your phone model.  Buying a universal mount means it’s likely going to fit your next phone upgrade.

The Extra Long Gooseneck Mount for Most SmartPhones is perfect for tree stands and rails.  It’s a 27 inch long gooseneck mount with a clamp that opens to two inches.  The included cradle opens to 3.5 inches which is large enough for most phones with or without a case or skin.  The mount itself is metal and the cradle is plastic.  Unlike a lot of cradles, this will hold your phone in the middle and not block your camera lens which is typically located near the top of most phones.  Your phone can swivel into landscape or portrait.  The photo that accompanies this article has this mount in use with a tree stand.

An excellent heavy-duty selection is the RAM X-Grip Clamp Mount.  The mount is made of heavy plastic and RAM offers a lifetime warranty.  The mount features the X-Grip cradle which we have written about extensively.  An overview of X-Grip can be read here.  The cradle opens to 3.25 inches.  The clamp opens to 1.25 inches and fits round and square surfaces.  There is an arm in the middle that is three inches high and it can be adjusted at the base and tip.  Your phone can swivel into any orientation.

Most bow mounts will attach to the stabilizer.  The CrazyArchery C Clamp Smartphone Bow Mount is a very well thought out accessory.  The mount installs behind the stabilizer using the stud of the stabilizer.  The mount includes a cradle (or C-clamp) to hold the phone.  The cradle opens from 2.25 – 3.5 inches so most phones should fit with or without a case or skin.  Like the previous mount, the cradle isn’t likely to block your phone’s camera and it can be used in landscape or portrait.  You can record your shoot from the unique view of the hunter.