A Wall or Window Shelf for Nest Cam and Other Home Security Cameras

Many owners of Nest Cam and similar home security cameras see value in using the device for outdoor monitoring.  Sure, you could buy an outdoor home security camera, but there are challenges with finding power and worries about security of the camera.  That’s where using the camera behind a window come in.  We look at a good solution for this situation which is a window shelf for Nest Cam or other similarly shaped home camera. Product Overview The photo that accompanies this article is the eLhook 4” Stick-On and Removable Shelf For Cloud Security Cameras.  As you can see, it’s … Read more

Mounts for the Yi Outdoor Camera

The Yi Outdoor Camera is a well priced option for those wanting to monitor the outdoor area of the home or office.  The camera comes with a stock mount that works moderately well but has some functional limitations. This isn’t the first camera from Yi we have looked at.  Prior articles on mounts for a Yi Home Camera highlighted alternative mounts as well. There are a few key attributes on the Yi Outdoor Camera that needs to be discussed.  First is the mounting point.  A standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole can be found on the back of the … Read more

Yi Home Camera Mounts for Home Security

I recently picked up an inexpensive home security camera called the Yi Home Camera.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive home security with some high-end features, it’s a good candidate. Most Yi Home Camera owners will use the camera with its included stand sitting on a desk, table or shelf.  If you’re happy with the camera sitting on one of those surfaces, you can stop reading.  The included weighted stand will work well for that purpose.  But what if you want to mount the Yi Home Camera on a wall, other vertical surface or perhaps in a more stealth environment? … Read more

Yi Dash Cam Car Mount Options

The Yi Dash Cam is a great device for keeping on eye on the action in front of you.  It’s a solid camera, and more importantly, very easy to use.  However, the Yi Dash Cam adhesive mount that comes in the box with the camera is very small and somewhat limiting. A photo of the mount that comes with the Yi Dash Cam accompanies this article.  It has an adhesive base so be sure that you are positive about the location because you only get one shot at this.  Deciding to change the location translates to an interesting project that … Read more