Mounts for the Wyze Cam Pan v3

The Wyze Cam Pan v3 is a peculiarly shaped pan and tilt camera from one of our favorite manufacturers.  But, giving credit where it’s due, this works really well. We previously examined ways to mount the original Wyze Cam Pan and found some great ideas.  Let’s find some good mount ideas for the Wyze Cam Pan v3. Mount Analysis This camera has two parts to it that spin and pivot independently.  It’s a bit top heavy as this isn’t a light camera and as already stated, it’s got an interesting shape to it. You cannot use mounts for  the traditional … Read more

How to Mount a Google Home Mini Around the Home or Office

A Google Home Mini is designed to sit atop a flat surface such as a table or shelf.  However, sometimes, that might not be where you want your device to be located.  Let’s look at some ideas on how to place a Google Home Mini in some unconventional places around your home or office. Google has one main competitor for this device and that’s the Amazon Echo Dot.  Many of the products we have found for the Google Home Mini are ironically made by the same companies that make mounts for the Echo Dot.  Turns out the size and design … Read more

Choosing the Best Place to Put a Google WiFi Puck

Google WiFi can be a life changing WiFi experience. The question is where to best place each unit. Sure, you could just place them on a bunch of tables, but that might not be the best location. This is a mesh system.  A mesh system consists of a series of devices that work together as one.  We’ll call each device a puck which seems to be a term used all over the internet for a Google WiFi device.  Think if a group of pucks kind of like the Borg Collective from Star Trek in that they work together to appear … Read more

Mounting a Nest Protect Smoke and CO Detector

The Nest Protect is a big step forward in smoke and CO detectors.  It’s a smart detector that integrates into the Nest app that is used for the popular Nest Cam line of home security cameras.  The app allows you to check the status and even do a reliability test from the convenience of your armchair. There are two types of connectivity hence two different models.  The Battery Powered Nest Protect provides the most flexibility in placement however you will need to replace the battery periodically.  Battery life is stated by Nest as being multiple years.  The Wired Nest Protect … Read more

Mounting the Wyze Cam Home Security Camera

We recently got our hands on an inexpensive (and innovative) home security camera called the Wyze Cam.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive home security with some high-end features, it’s a good candidate. Edit:  Since publishing this article, Wyze Cam has introduced their Wyze Cam V2.  The mounts discussed within this article apply equally to both models as the exterior dimensions and features are basically the same.  They have also introduced the Wyze Cam V3 which is a totally different camera with many more mounting options.  If you haven’t purchased a camera yet, we suggest opting for the V3. Included … Read more

Mounts for the Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Labs announced their first pan and tilt camera in late May.  The Wyze Cam Pan is a great camera offered at a bargain price that rivals many cameras selling for much more.  Being a pan and tilt, this camera covers a lot more territory than traditional security cameras so the mounting requirements are a little different in that you want to eliminate anything that will block the 360 degree view. Mount Analysis You cannot use mounts for  the traditional Wyze Cam.  The Wyze Cam Pan is a different concept.  This camera is larger and as already stated, it’s spinning.  … Read more