Car Mounts for Edge Insight or Edge Evolution Performance Tuning Monitors

Vent Mount for Edge Evolution CS2 CTS2, Juice CS2 CTS2 and Insight CS2 CTS2 Performance Monitors Edge Products, located in Ogden Utah, produces tuners, programmers, and monitors under several brands including Edge Insight, Attitude, Evolution and Juice.  A lot of owners of Edge products leaves the monitor or tuner on their lap or the passenger seat.  Many of these products have the capability to be mounted in a handy spot where it can be seen.

Many of these monitors have a mounting pattern on the back.  If you see two vertical slots on the back, that’s what I’m referring to.  This is known as the dual T mounting pattern.  There are mounts made specifically with this unique mounting pattern that will fit many of the Edge performance tuning monitors.

The following models are known to have the Dual T mounting pattern on the back and are the models we will recommend mounts for:

  • Edge Evolution CS2
  • Edge Evolution CTS2
  • Juice with Attitude CS2
  • Juice with Attitude CTS2
  • Insight Pro CS2
  • Insight Pro CTS2

The Car Suction Cup Windshield Mount for Edge Evolution, Juice and Insight Performance Monitors has that dual T pattern that fits the back of the monitor.  There is an adjustment point midway to adjust the angle.  The mount has a ball and socket so the device can be pivoted and swivel 360 degrees.  The suction mechanism features a vacuum lock.  A lot of people don’t know to clean the windshield thoroughly prior to adhesion.  A lot of failing suction cup mounts aren’t failing because of the mount, it’s failing because the windshield is dirty.  Clean it with some alcohol based cleaner and that might solve your problem without having to replace the mount.

Another great option for mounting your Edge Insight or Edge Evolution Monitors is the Car Air Vent Mount for Edge Evolution, Juice and Insight Performance Monitors.  These air vent mounts work on most vents that have horizontal slats.  The mount features two arms that clip onto the vent slats.  Like the windshield mount, these mounts include the pattern that fits the two slots on the back of your device.  The mount pivots and swivels for placement at an ideal location for the driver to see it.  The mounts are easy to install.  I like the vent mount location because it maintains a location close to eye level yet keeps the device out of view of potential bad guys.

Lastly, a good location to mount your Edge Insight or Edge Evolution Performance Tuning Monitors is using a car seat bolt mount.  It’s an unusual location but works quite well.  We covered car seat bolt mount use in general on this site and you can view the article here.  The Car Seat Bolt Floor Gooseneck Mount for Edge Evolution CS2 CTS2, Juice CS2 CTS2 and Insight CS2 CTS2 Performance Monitors with the dual T slot pattern needed is available to fit your device.  This mount is 18″ tall and has a flexible gooseneck to allow the best angle for viewing.  To attach this mount, you will need a wrench or pliers.  Access the passenger seat bolt mount closest to the driver and loosen it sufficiently for the claw to fit beneath it.  Place the claw between the bolt head and floor and tighten.  Be sure to use the wrench or pliers to tighten.  Do not hand tighten as that will result in the mount flopping over.  These need to be tightened with tools to work properly.

All three of these mounts are excellent ways to mount your Edge Insight CS2 CTS2, Juice CS2 CTS2 and Evolution CS2 CTS2 Performance Monitors.  The key is the dual T mounting pattern.  As Edge comes out with new products, we will update this article but if we don’t do it on time, remember that if it has a dual T pattern, it will likely fit your product.