Car Mounts for Bully Dog GT and WatchDog Performance Tuner

Bully Dog GT or WatchDog MountThe Bully Dog GT Gas Tuner allows tuning of certain car engines.  The custom tunes are typically created by a tuning company that specializes in this service.  A tuner is typically used to improve engine performance and can result in better MPG.  This article speaks to mounting options for the popular Bully Dog GT and WatchDog Tuners.

It’s fairly simple to mount these tuners.  The back of the Bully Dog Tuner will have a port for the connector and right above that is a slot.  The mounts that are discussed in this article have a tab, also known as a single T ending.  That single T slips into the slot, and when you push it to the left or upwards (depends upon the slot configuration on the back of the tuner), it locks in.  I have found that not all single T mounts will fit a Bully Dog well as some of the tabs were made too thick or too thin.  The mounts we discuss should fit fine, especially those marketed directly by Bully Dog themselves.

The most popular mounting location for a Bully Dog GT or WatchDog is the windshield.  Be sure your windshield is clean before attaching any suction cup mount.  You can use any good alcohol based cleaner such as Windex to do that.  Also be sure there is no tinting film on the windshield as a mount will not work well and may wind up pulling the tinting film off the windshield.

The Bully Dog Suction Cup Mount is a collaboration between Bully Dog and RAM Mount.  The suction cup assembly is RAM’s twist lock mechanism.  Turn the twist lock when the suction assembly is attached to your windshield and it locks to your windshield tightly.  It can also mount to anything that is smooth and flat such as a plastic surface.  There is an included arm that works like a ball and socket.  This means that you can adjust the angle from the base and the adapter.  There is an included single T adapter that fits the back of the tuner.  The total length of the mount is about four inches.  It’s a very stable mount with minimal (if any) shake or shimmy from car vibrations.

A nice feature about the mount above is that any of RAM’s adapters with 1″ balls will fit the arm that comes with it.  If you would like to drill a hole somewhere, simply add the RAM Flat Surface Mounting Base to the existing mount.  It would take the place of the suction cup assembly.  There are pre-drilled mounting holes so you just need to add some mounting screws for attachment.

The Bully Dog Universal T-Slot Suction Cup Mount is a little less heavy duty that the one we just discussed but can typically be found for a lower price.  This is a flexible gooseneck mount that can bend in any angle.  I find these types of mounts work best when you allow the device to rest on the dashboard.  If used to maintain the Bully Dog without a support on the bottom, it will shimmy to the point where it can get distracting.  But, as stated previously, works well if you allow the Bully Dog to rest on the dash.

You can use the Bully Dog Car Rear View Mirror Mount for mounting to the car’s rear view mirror.  This is another collaboration between Bully Dog and RAM Mount.  This mount used RAM’s rear view mirror mounting system and add the single T adapter to it. This mount allows you to install the GT or WatchDog just below the rear view mirror for easy viewing.  This provides a more custom look however it isn’t designed to be installed and removed quickly.  Thankfully, the RAM design allows removal of the arm, adapter and tuner very easily.  The remaining mirror attachment isn’t easily noticed without the arm being attached.