Camera Mounts for Hunters

MFX101-C2 NakedToday, we discuss camera mounts for hunters.  The introduction of compact action cameras with long battery life and significant storage capabilities has turned the hunting camera market upside down.  For many years, hunters would use big bulky weatherproof enclosed cameras from companies such as Midland, Bushnell and Moultrie.  These cameras ranged in cost from $50 to a few hundred dollars.  You would strap them to a tree, leave it out for a few weeks, go back and check any action.  That was the extent of cameras mounts for hunters.

The introduction of action cameras from GoPro, Contour, Kodak and many other companies have given hunters many options for high quality video.  We found that people wanted to do more than just check the action in their favorite spot.  They wanted to mount their cameras to tree stands, rails, you name it.  Hunters were also interested in mounting their action cameras to their bows and guns.  Given the smaller form factor of these new cameras, it’s now possible to do that.

There is a limited variety of camera mounts for hunters.  When selecting your mount, think about how your camera will connect to the mount.  Many cameras use the standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw pattern that is common to tripods.  However, if using the weatherproof case from Gopro, you will need to find a mount with a custom adapter to fit the bottom of the case.  You will be in the same boat with the Contour line as well.  If not needing to use the weatherproof case, the standard tripod connection will suffice.

Let look at some camera mounts for hunters.

Mounting a camera to a tree stand requires mount with a clamp that opens large enough to tightly grip the rail of your tree stand.  You also need it to be sturdy and we recommend purchasing a mount with the ability to move it out of the way so your arm doesn’t hit it every time you move.  Keep in mind the importance of the adapter and remember to get the mount with the proper ending.

There is a good mount selection available for bow hunters.  Most camera bow mounts will attach to the stabilizer hole.  Assuming your stabilizer has a 5/16″ – 24 threaded hole, there is Midland Bow Mount Bow Mount for Action Cameras has the 5/16″ – 24 pattern on one end and then curve up to a 1/4″ – 20 threaded pattern on the camera end.  Make sure the mounts are made of metal and don’t interfere with your shot.

If you are looking to mount a camera to a gun, you will need to ensure that your mount will not mess with the firing or balance of the gun.  This isn’t an area to cheap out on.  Be sure to purchase a mount constructed primarily of metal that will attach very tightly to your gun.  The Prost line of gun mounts is a good example of the mount needed to attach to a gun.  Be sure to purchase a mount made specific to your gun.

Lastly, there are many screw mounts such as the Midland Tree Mount for Action Cameras that can turn your action camera into one that can attach to a tree.  You will again want to ensure the ending has the right adapter.  We recently tried the tree bracket mount from Bushnell and found it to be sturdy.  The tip has an added swivel feature which enables pointing your camera to an angle other than straight ahead.  If using your camera for viewing wildlife action in your hunting spot, be sure to use a weatherproof case.  You will also want to make sure the camera is high enough so that a curious bear will not knock it down.  Be sure to buy a mount that will screw at least an inch into the tree, if not more.